T76 - 21st & 22nd Battle Fleets Return to Sol

The First Minister was present along with many family members to welcome the return of the 21st & 22nd Battle Fleets to Titania Naval Base on 3208.351

First Minister's Welcome

The First Minister welcomed the fleet back from the troubled system of Amoss and congratulated them for their efforts in aiding the locals against overwhelming odds and in the face of concerted international opposition. Only the intervention of the IEN gave the locals the opportunity to develop their own government and defences against the repression of the Sirians aided and abetted by the Venerians.


In particular the First Minister was delighted to welcome two members of the 1337th Special Forces Company, Legionaire Karla Gnough-Duff a Combat Medical Technician from Earth; Marine Corporal Peter Selassie from Freedonia, Q1; and 5770 Ensign Andrew Christie a Pacifier Pilot from Macross, Q6 serving aboard the ESS Ben Gurion all three of whom were seriously wounded in action. All three will be receiving awards for exceptional gallantry in action.

Additionally the First Minister announced that all those serving in the Amoss system for more than 50 days, or coming under enemy fire would be eligible for the appropriate campaign service medal with an Amoss clasp.

Shore Leave

More popularly the fleet were granted 50 days block shore leave.


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