Entry to Templeton

A number of things happened when the patrol was in Templeton.

Templeton is the administrative and theological capital of Daprav. It is the home of most of the Ministries that run the country as well as the residence of the Patriarch. It is also a communications hub and one of the largest cities in the state.

Moments after they entered the city the patrol was bumped into by a man running from some of the City Watch (although it wasn't clear that he was running from them until afterwards). The man left them with a small gem which took some explaining when the Watch appeared…

After a tour round the city taking in the main sights the patrol, or at least some of them, were enrolled in a game of Stoolball. This was enjoyed immensely and several beers were also enjoyed with the other players after the game was over.

When the taverns turned them out it was somewhat late and rather foggy. Naturally the patrol got somewhat lost and ended up on the river front. In front of them they heard a scream in the fog.

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