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There are several namespaces operating slightly different wiki subjects. These are, in no particular order:

  • Skyss - Story Background - a fantasy novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2016.
  • Perfects - background for the near future story and some police roleplaying that I ran in that universe
  • Jim Wallman's Universe - a roleplaying by e-mail campaign that I play in, this is an unofficial wiki and none of it is canon unless Jim says it is.
    • Interstellar Freelance Unlimited - subset of the Universe pages covering the activities of a mercenary company that we are currently roleplaying every Full Moon.
    • Earth Imperium pages. These cover the activities of the Government of the Solar republic (aka Earth Empire) in Jim's Humanity Will Prevail campaign, including the Earth Imperium News Items.
    • Free Worlds Alliance - covering the activities of another emerging polity in the Humanity Will Prevail campaign. Mostly contributed by Eric Moroney.
    • Universe Background - page collecting the various bits of background info that have come up in various e-mail discussions for the campaigns set in Jim Wallman's Universe.

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Skyss - Story Background

This is a web version of the notebook that has the background to my NaNoWriMo 2016 entry 'Noren the Strong', which is a medium-level fantasy story set in a world of my own creation.


Straven is a tiny settlement on an island about three or four square miles. Only a little of the island is cultivated, most of it is woodland or rough grazing for the sheep that the community keeps for their wool and milk.

Sketch map of Straven

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This is a list of some of the characters that I have created to include in Noren the Strong.

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Jafnadr the Sword

Jafnadr is a famous sword, blessed by the Goddess malfin. The name, in translation, means both equality and justice. It was made for Jafnadr, the daughter of malfin and fafnir by frijdodr.

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Pantheon of Skyss

The people of Skyss worship a pantheon of gods that they know exist. Those gods at times manifest themselves and have been known to inter-breed with mortals. Mostly those are in the ancient sagas, but demi-gods and heroes with lineage from the main pantheon demonstrably exist.

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