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This is a collaborative web platform that allows people to edit1) the web pages to provide additional content for some of the stories I have written and the roleplaying games that I am involved in, whether as a player or GM.

There are several namespaces operating slightly different wiki subjects. These are, in no particular order:

  • Skyss - Story Background - a fantasy novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2016.
  • Perfects - background for the near future story and some police roleplaying that I ran in that universe
  • Theocracy of Daprav - A D&D campaign that I ran with Glasgow University Games Society around 2002-3.
  • Jim Wallman's Universe - a roleplaying by e-mail campaign that I play in, this is an unofficial wiki and none of it is canon unless Jim says it is.
    • Interstellar Freelance Unlimited - subset of the Universe pages covering the activities of a mercenary company that we are currently roleplaying every Full Moon.
    • Earth Imperium pages. These cover the activities of the Government of the Solar republic (aka Earth Empire) in Jim's Humanity Will Prevail campaign, including the Earth Imperium News Items.
    • Free Worlds Alliance - covering the activities of another emerging polity in the Humanity Will Prevail campaign. Mostly contributed by Eric Moroney.
    • Universe Background - page collecting the various bits of background info that have come up in various e-mail discussions for the campaigns set in Jim Wallman's Universe.

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Kingdom of Skyss

the standard crest of Skyss, a circle of seven circles, gold coins when painted, and crossed axes in the middle with a boat prow underneath. Usually it was rendered on a blue circle with coloured paint. The boat was green and the axes red. This coin had a small hole drilled where the top-most of the seven coins went.

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Malfin - Goddess of the Darkness

Malfin is known as the Goddess of the Darkness, which to the Skyssians isn't a bad thing. They live in an arctic environment, half their year is spent in the darkness. So they've come to embrace it.

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The Characters

There are eight characters in the patrol. This is a short description of each of them.

→

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The Ministries

There are eight major Ministries and a host of smaller specialised offices, some of which are affiliated with the 'big eight' and others which are independent. The 'big eight' are:

  1. Office of Procurement
  2. Ministry of Internal Affairs
  3. Ministry of Food
  4. Bureau of Planning
  5. Office of Religious Orthodoxy
  6. Ministry of Public Works
  7. Central Office of the Patriarch
  8. Department of Standards, Weights and Measures

→

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The Theocracy's History

One of the major subjects taught to children at school is the history of the Theocracy of Daprav. There was a time in the past where greed ruled everywhere and people were allowed to starve and die while others accumulated excessive wealth. The Church preached a message of land reform and wealth re-distribution and was repressed for it by the King.

The main Church presence was in Templeton, which became the centre of a revolution to redress the balance and bring the corruption and greed to an end. The hold of the Church radiated out from Templeton and grew in strength as those that the King and Nobles had dispossessed and abandoned flocked to the Church banners and fought for their freedom.

The major decisive battle of the revolution was fought near the garrison post at Narmaren. The Church Paladins lead by Sir Waldo held out against a force ten times their number for two days despite being surrounded. In the end the Paladins were reduced to less than a tenth of their original number and all around them were strewn the dead of the King's men. Just as it looked like the Sir Waldo's Paladins would be overwhelmed and defeated the main Church Army turned up to engage the King's forces. The story is immortalised in the famous ballad “The Last Stand of Sir Waldo's Paladins”.

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