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It is late spring 1953 and Berlin is still in the process of reconstruction, although these days it can afford to occassionally stop and enjoy itself. It's just as well because if it couldn't then the Golden Gate would be very much out of business.

The Story

Starting from the beginning (almost) and possibly including some things that not everyone knows about (so if so please play as if you don't know about it unless told by one of the characters that does). narrative

The story centres on “The Golden Gate” an upmarket club which caters to every need. The drinking den plays music and is host to a number of working women who are more than willing. The club sits in the middle of Berlin close to the Potsdammerplatz and the sector boundaries between the British and Soviet sectors. The area surrounding the club has been subject to the RAF's urban redevelopment and has yet to be re-built.

In the recent past there have been some murders, discoveries in the basement including some tunnels. There has also been an aura of mystery around one of the new girls.

The Cast

Staff of the Golden Gate

Regular Visitors to the Golden Gate

Other Protagonists

Session Calendar

You can see the dates that we intend to play sessions on the calendar page.

although some of it is researched historical material a good amount of it is fiction and I don't distinguish on the pages which is which, so be warned;-
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