Mark Whitely

Whitely was shot dead by Chief Inspector Sophia Young in a dawn raid on a terraced house in East London on 23rd April 2046. The body was stripped of ID but running fingerprints and facial recognition (on what was left after a headshot) gave a 1:1 match with this identity.

Warning Flag

Whitely triggered a GREEN REPORT flag on the police watch list when the ID was matched. The reason given was 'Foreign Military Contractor in UK'. Links to UK Border Security Command and UK Visa data show his employer as Monck Security.


Mark Whitley was born in Newfoundland 26 Jul 2009.

He joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2028 and served as an infantryman. He did the Commando course and then trained as a mortar fire controller. He left the CAF with the rank of Corporal in 2034.

He worked for Monck Security from late 2041 until just before his death.

Immigration History

He has been a regular visitor to the UK over the last ten years, mainly in transit. However in the last five years he has had a year of working out of the UK where he spent most of the time here in FY 2043-4. At the time he was contracted to Monck for a two year period which finished early.

In the last two years (since the visa was curtailed early, for administrative reasons) he has visited on a three monthly basis for 3-4 weeks at a time. All of the travel recorded is either direct flights to Tripoli from Gatwick or train travel to the continent.

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