Who Whistled?

The object of this game is for a blindfolded player to work out who is in possession of a hidden whistle.


  • a small whistle on a piece of string with a safety pin attached
  • a blindfold


Players need to be divided into two groups, The guessers (2-3 people to be blindfolded in turn) and the whistlers (the remainder to stay in the room).

The guessers need to leave the room and wait outside until it is their turn to play. Ideally you do this with the smokers so that they can further their slow suicide while waiting.

Inside the room the players form a circle with their chairs, all facing inwards and with enough room for the guesser to kneel on the floor in the middle. The circle shouldn't be too large as the whistlers need to be able to touch the guesser.

As the guesser is brought into the circle they should be blindfolded and gentle jostled, there also needs to be a bit of banter going on. This is all cover for the whistle to be pinned to the back of their clothing or the tail of the blindfold. Once this is done the guesser needs to be spun round to slightly disorient them before starting. They are to be told that they need to work out who is holding the whistle.

One of the whistlers gently blows the whistle to start things off. Once the guesser has worked out where the whistle is they can then bring in the next guesser and join in with the whistlers.

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