Government in the Solar Republic

The First Citizen - Henry Rathbone

The Imperium

Post Incumbent Type
The First Minister Senator Danso Tupac Ashanti, LoH Imperial Secretariat (Office of the First Minister)
Minister of Finance and Resources vacant Imperial Secretariat
Minister of Defence Senator Danso Tupac Ashanti, LoH Imperial Secretariat
Colonial Minister Lord Bailey Imperial Secretariat
Minister of External Affairs Senator Sebastian Rathbone Imperial Secretariat

The Citizenry

Post Incumbent Type
Home Minister Senator Eduard Kvashnin Citizens Ministries
Justice Minister Senator Pingtun Lee Citizens Ministries
Minister of Technology and Science Senator Mainichi Shimbum Citizens Ministries
Minister of Welfare and Culture Senator Julio de Andres Citizens Ministries
Office of Martian Affairs Senator Bernard Malvolio Home Ministry
Imperial Audit Office 'A' Justice Ministry

Supreme Court

Post Incumbent Type
Supreme Justice Cordelia Lu Supreme Court


Post Incumbent Type
Ambassador to Sirius Senator Jonseog Lee Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to Wolf Senator Lee Bo Yip Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to Agama Senator Andre Flahault Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to the New Mars Senator Joni Beedan Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to the Asteel Senator Nirmal Chandler Vij Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to the Centaur Senator Suon Samnang Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to Mald Senator Daya Sandarigi Ministry of External Affairs
Ambassador to New Venus Senator Chiang Chong Ministry of External Affairs

The Admiralty

Post Incumbent Type
First Lord of the Admiralty Grand Admiral Ibn Battuta Admiralty
First Space Lord Admiral Ma Huan Admiralty
Second Space Lord Admiral James Schmitt Admiralty
Commandant General of Marines General Roger Hammerstein Admiralty
Director of Naval Planning Admiral Feng Shui Admiralty
Director of Naval Intelligence Admiral George Tryon Admiralty

Battle Fleets

Post Incumbent Type
Admiral Tenth Battle Fleet Admiral Philips Admiralty
Admiral Eleventh Battle Fleet Admiral Burwasher Admiralty
Admiral Twelfth Battle Fleet Admiral Pobie Admiralty
Admiral Thirteenth Battle Fleet Admiral Allen Admiralty
Admiral Fourteenth Battle Fleet Admiral Puzo Admiralty
Admiral Fifteenth Battle Fleet Admiral Giraud Admiralty
Admiral Sixteenth Mobility Fleet Admiral Chou-San Admiralty
Admiral H Force Admiral Gantt Admiralty

Solar Survey

Post Incumbent Type
Director of the Solar Survey Dr Aled Shashkavilli

Home System Governors

Post Incumbent Type
Governor of Old Mars Governor Nan Szu Pu
Governor of Europ Governor Michelle Bachelet
Governor of Glenn Governor Patrice Fevrier
Governor of Lotus Governor Adrian Parrish
Governor of Mir Governor Uwe Wehrstedt
Governor of Nasa Governor Franciszek Gagor
Governor of New Luna Governor Greg Faulkner

Colonial Quadrants

Post Incumbent Type
Governor of Quadrant One Governor Pollard Colonial Minister
Admiral First Colonial Fleet Admiral Sho OC Quadrant One
Governor of Quadrant Two Governor Ping Colonial Minister
Admiral Second Colonial Fleet Admiral Rutter OC Quadrant Two
Governor of Quadrant Three Governor Evans Colonial Minister
Admiral Third Colonial Fleet Admiral Kenzerinco OC Quadrant Three
Governor of Quadrant Four Governor Thornton Colonial Minister
Admiral Fourth Colonial Fleet Admiral Tobermory OC Quadrant Four
Governor of Quadrant Five Governor Tao Mo Shan Colonial Minister
Admiral Fifth Colonial Fleet Admiral Saaba OC Quadrant Five
Governor of Quadrant Six Governor Armstrong Colonial Minister
Admiral Sixth Colonial Fleet Admiral Tendashi OC Quadrant Six
Governor of Quadrant Seven Governor Fulbright Colonial Minister
Admiral Seventh Colonial Fleet Admiral Cho OC Quadrant Seven
Governor of Quadrant Eight Governor DelMonte Colonial Minister
Admiral Eighth Colonial Fleet Admiral Braxton OC Quadrant Eight
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