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Heavy Mobility Infantry Company

Each company is commanded by a Major with a senior1) Captain as his second in command. The basis of the company is the four person fire team, commonly called a brick.

Each brick can operate independently if it has to for a short period of time. Every brick has an officer or NCO in it plus junior NCO as the second in command of the brick.

There are 23 bricks in a Heavy Mobility Armour (HMA) Infantry Company. This gives 92 effective soldiers. Organisationally these are structured as follows:

Company HQ Section

  1. Major (officer commanding) [0 on company net], Sergeant Major, 2 x Soldiers
  2. Captain (2ic), Lieutenant2), 2 x soldiers (all four are SLA3 armed)

1 Platoon

Platoon HQ Section

  1. Captain (comd), Platoon Sergeant3), 2 x Soldier

3 x Sections

  1. Lieutentant (Sect comd), Corporal, 2 x Soldier
  2. Sergeant, Lance Corporal, Soldier, SLA3 armed Soldier

The remaining two platoons are structured in the same way as the first platoon. On the company net each platoon is distinguished by a colour or letter in front of their numerical call sign. The practice varies from company to company and on active operations the companies may well change their comms designation on a frequent and regular basis.

i.e. one on a second or subsequent tour rather than an actual rank
a senior Lt who can act as a battle casualty replacement for either a platoon or section commander
this is a rank between Sergeant and Lieutenant, often filled by officer candidates before commissioning
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