New Foreign Minister - Elvis Help Us All!!

Seb is the youngest son of the First Citizen's father (Charles L Rathbone) by his final lover. Many Imperial observers are believed to refer to Seb as the First Citizen's youngest brother in private.

Seb's Naval experience was entirely on interplanetary vessels, and he has never ventured outside of the Homeworlds.

Seb is a party-goer, gambler and womaniser, and his Imperial Guard PSD frequently have to clear up situations after him. Particularly embarassing was the alleged drunken assault on the Bishop of New Vegas during an illegal poker game in the crypt of the Bellagio Church eight years ago.

Seb's advisors are actually powerful bright slave units which frequently have to help him to correct mistakes via audio implants during live public comments.

Seb's so called powerful pronouncements include some bizarre speeches including calling for declarations of war on the RNV and the SSR over the last 5 years. These were subsequently audited out of the public record of Senate debates.

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