Staff engaged for Lakshmi tender

FIXME - need to list new staff IFU HR System

<php> set the necessary connection variables include (“/var/www/html/IFU/sqlconnect.php”); 20 connect to MySQL server and select the IFU database include (“/var/www/html/IFU/sqlconnect2.php”);

$db = mysql_select_db('full-moon_info_-_IFU',$connection);

$query = 'SELECT * FROM Employees where active=“YES” ORDER by EmplID'; $result = mysql_query($query);

36 the first bit of the table that we want to do once echo “<table width=90% cellpadding=1>”; echo “<tr>\n <td><b>EmplID\n <td><b>Name\n <td><b>Skill\n <td><b>Type\n <td><b>Status\n </tr>\n”; 46 a while loop to put all the data in a row at a time (pg 184)

while ($employees=mysql_fetch_array($result,MYSQL_ASSOC))
  echo "<tr> \n
    <td>$EmplID</td> \n
    <td>$FirstName $Surname</td> \n	
    <td>$MainSkill</td> \n
    <td>$EmplType</td> \n
    <td>$Status</td> \n
  </tr> \n";

58 finally close off the html table echo “</table>\n”; </php> back See main IFU pages