T24 Timeline

Tender 24 is providing anti-piracy support for Blue Hope Colony, T178, Q8.

Overall Timeline

Date Events
3208.168 SS New Guinea leaves system.
3208.173 SS Osprey arrives in orbital space around Z178-II. Initial contact with colonists and orbital int scan done (see background page.
3208.180 Arrival of undentified incoming C5000.

Sitrep as at 3208.174

DATA Attached is recent data about the BHC administration downloaded from the colonyNet, in case you need to contact anyone else.

According to Security Director Clark's map of current known surveys there are no surveys in the areas of the hot spots. All known surveying is within about 500km of BHC. That said, it might be the other new colonists, or some locals who have been a little lax with their paperwork.

Deploying the spyeyes to a point within range of the continental hotspots will take about 36 hours. You are correct to be concerned about the weather - the spyeyes probably couldn't fly in hurricane conditions.

In orbit with you is a Class 5000 merchant (SS Saucy Sue) taking on a red mercury shipment from BHC, and delivering colonists, technology and various agricultural machinery items.

As you entered the system a few days ago, you detected a Class 4000 leaving the system, which according to its ping code was the SS New Guinea.

Now, as at 3208.174, you have detected an incoming burn that is probably a Class 5000 - eta 6 days. You have sent an automatic ping code request, but the response is not due for another few hours.

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