Angeline Floralpattern

From the Republic of Z155, General Angeline Floralpattern was the Commander of the Z155 Crusader Corps. She is an NPC.

Current Position

Since T101, she has been in Free Worlds Alliance custody, after she was arrested by IFU during the FWA-Z155 war.

Biographical Details

Angeline is the daughter of First Minster Floralpattern.

Distinguishing Features

Short blond hair.


An extremely devout member of the First Church of Earth. She is absolutely devoted to the First Church of Earth, and willing to use any means necessary to ensure “God’s Will.”

Career History

General Floralpattern has no military training or experience. She was in command of the 10,000 strong paramilitary force the Z155 Crusader Corps since its founding in T98, until she was arrested on T101 in a command bunker under the Council building. She commanded the ZCC during the FWA-Z155 war. Ultimately the Corps was defeated by the FWA. On T103, she was handed over to the Z155 police and it was expected she would go on trial soon.

Other Information


General Floralpattern’s time was divided almost entirely between the First Church of Earth and the Crusader Corps, and she had very little time to pursue any hobbies.

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