Frank Buck

Retired Esteeler Marine officer and Director of Interstellar Freelance Unlimited. Played by James Kemp in the IFU Full Moon Campaign.

Current Position

Since 3206 he has been a director of the newly founded Interstellar Freelance Unlimited (IFU) which operates out of Percentage in Q8.

Biographical Details

Born on Akira, Q8 in 3163 to William & Emily Buck on Akira. His father was an industrialist mainly involved in agriculture and the food industry.

He is divorced (over twenty years ago) and has two daughters. His official next of kin is his younger daughter Francesca Sydenstricker (nee Buck). Currently resident on Akira. She is married to the private secretary to the GFA's Deputy Governor of Q8.

His elder daughter has inherited the directorship of Buck Fast Foods Incorporated a multi-million credit company based on Akira and largely serving the GFA systems in Q8.


Clewgist (Estreham tendency).

Career History

Last unit

Marine Regiment 751, under Colonel Ranjit, ASS Has He Luck, Fleet Audie L Murphy.

Last action was Op Fenrir at Flypaper where he commanded B Group (as temp Major) and lead one of the main thrusts into the inner structure. Personally took out an Exterminator brain unit.

rank on leaving the military

Marine Captain, voluntarily reduced in force 3200 at the end of his normal posting in MR751.

Other Information

Frank Buck enlisted in the local GF Division on Akira at the age of 18. He served in the Artillery unit rising to the rank of Sergeant by the age of 25. During this time he married, had two daughters and completed a university degree in zoology.

A one year spell off-world on a peacekeeping/humanitarian aid mission in Potala system during a civil war lead to the breakdown of his marriage. However it was during this time that Buck developed a keen interest in trapping animals (mainly dangerous raptors) for public viewing. He made several holo-discs for the University of Akira Zoology Department while off duty. He also saw action for the first time whilst on Potala, coming under fire from an unseen enemy when on patrol with his squad.

Returning to Akira he discovered that his wife had had an affair when he was away. Devastated by the betrayal he decided that he had to leave Akira as soon as possible to avoid the urge to kill his wife's lover. He enlisted in the GFA Marine Corps at the relatively late age of 26.

Despite being older than most of the rest of his recruit cadre he did very well. His natural reactions being fast even by marine standards. Previous experience as an NCO lead to his rapid promotion to Corporal only a year after completing Marine training while serving on a Carrier in Q4. He then served in the GFA Special Forces for four years being wounded twice (once seriously, once just a scratch).

Returning to marine duties he served on board a Q-Ship in Q7 as a Lieutenant and was again wounded (at Matanzas against pirates). After a year of this he was posted to the Marine Training Establishment in Q7 to run refresher courses for marines returning from wounds or other duties and also advanced training for new recruits. He was then posted to the CVI Has He Luck as a Marine Captain for a standard four year tour. The highlight of this was leading B Group (as a temporary Major) during the Marine Assault on Flypaper.

Buck volunteered to leave the GFA Marine Corps early as part of the massive reductions in force. His comments at the time were that he found mainstream marine duties uninspiring and that the reductions in force were limiting the number of interesting posts available to him. Since leaving the Marine Corps he has taken a number of freelance roles being involved in the first Binni war and also a number of other operations.

He has been with IFU for around a year having left his previous employer in disgust at their lack of professionalism (which cost him a foot and a very good friend).

His main interest is in raptor hunting which he does at any available opportunity. This means he is good at hunting predators and has good fieldcraft, particularly when it comes to moving silently.

His main skill, outside military things, is in holo-disc recording which he has done semi-professionally when off-duty.


All of these have been healed and are not obvious.

  • Three parallel wounds across left side of face, souvenirs of a raptor hunt on Estreham that didn't go as planned. The raptor lost the fight but got its retaliation in before being gutted with a hunting knife. Two other members of the party were also wounded by the raptor, one fatally.
  • Gunshot wounds (healed) on right upper torso (chest wound on Cavalry 3190, civil war); left buttock & left side of abdomen (burst from automatic weapon on Binni).
  • Burn from SCA in shape of suit seal on right arm (inner) taken in a boarding action against pirates just inside the M25 at Matanzas, Q7.
  • right foot and lower six inches of right leg blown off (regrown which can't be told apart by the naked eye even in the shower). Consequence of standing on a landmine on a previous engagement (3202) whilst rescuing a severely wounded colleague during a firefight. Despite wound still fought way out with colleague.
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