Hermione Xen

From the Free Worlds Alliance, the current High Admiral, the highest military rank in the FWA. She is an NPC

Current Position

Since then High Admiral Jackson's retirement as High Admiral, she has been High Admiral of the SWDA/FWA, in operational command of the FWA navy.

Biographical Details

Born on Damper

Distinguishing Features


Church of Elvis

Career History

Xen became High Admiral upon the retirement of High Admiral Jackson. Xen commanded Operation Wolfhound, the Lon Chaney expedition and later led Operation PANAMA. There is speculation that Xen will replace Jackson as Chairman when he retires, but Xen is resolutely apolitical.

Other Information

She and Jackson know each other well, first as Admiral and High Admiral and later as High Admiral and Chairman. They work well together. <HTML> <br> </HTML> Medals: Bronze Cluster, Lon Chaney Campaign Medal, PANAMA campaign Medal


Preceded by Military positions Succeded by
William Jackson 2nd High Admiral of the Seven Worlds Defense Alliance


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