Jack Rackham

Serving IEN Admiral based in Q0.

Current Position

Promotion to Rear Admiral and recall to Q0 prior to taking up an operational command was announced on 3207.325. Details of the operational command have yet to be released.

Rear Admiral Rackham is one of the Empire's finest naval officers, with a reputation for fairness towards his friends and ruthlessness towards his enemies. Not an officer to suffer fools at all, his somewhat robust attitude to bureaucrats and timeservers has made his promotion slower than his abilities and record might suggest.
Admiral Jack Rackham

Biographical Details

3155 Born in zone 69, Southern Brit-Cit, Earth

3177 Educated at Brit-Cit Central University, to Level 10.


not known

Career History

3179 Completed initial Naval Induction Course
3180 Officer Training Completed at Naval Academy
3181 Joined first ship as Ensign on the ESS Hyperion
3182 Promoted to Lieutenant, posted to ESS Lloyd George.
3185 Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, posted to ESS Ho Chi Minh. Decorated for gallantry in rescuing injured crew during a reactor accident.
3189 Promoted to Commander, posted to Fleet Staff, Navy HQ Earth. Commended for his analysis of revised pacifier doctrine in fleet actions.
3192 Promoted to Captain, first command, destroyer ESS Nouhadibou. Decorated for his part in the 'Viglen Incident' of 3193.
3194 Appointed to command of heavy cruiser ESS Agamemnon.
3197 Mentioned in despatches for conduct of First Battle of 116AL
3198 Awarded the MOBE for anti-pirate activity in the Marque system.
3199 Involved in attack on the Exterminator base at Granyt.
3199 Took part in the punitive expedition against the 'Draconian Empire'
3201 Involved in the destruction of Woods Asteroid
3201 Temporarily promoted to Commodore Command of flotilla investigating loss of Agamemnon at Tuskan
3201 Promoted to Flag Captain, posted to command Battleship ESS Kiev, Q7
3207 Promoted to Rear Admiral, returned to Q0 for posting to operational command.

Outgoing message to crew of ESS Agamemnon

Message from the Captain

The Aggie is a good ship. It has been my privilage and honour to command her for the last four years.

The crew have tremendous skill, experience and I am proud to be their commander.

In the last year we have been involved in operations against the new enemy, known to the media as 'Exterminators'. As in the past, members of the crew, in common with the rest of the fleet, performed expertly and bravely, and the supreme sacrifce of our Navy and co-belligerents in the Exterminator War have at least brought the enemy to a halt in Quadrant 7.

I fully expect this to gain the recognition it so richly deserves.

The Aggie is currently attached to 1st Allied Fleet, based in Sirian space, and I know I speak for all the officers and crew when I say that we can't wait until we have another crack at the foe.

I know we will all do our best, and our duty to the Emperor and to Earth and to all humankind.

Humanity will prevail.

Captain Jack Rackham, EN

Other Information

Hobbies include Scottish country dancing, fine art appreciation and classic music of the 20th century.

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