Lt. Jacob 'Crackers' Kampf

Earther marine officer, formerly of the 130th Earther Marine Regiment. Wanted criminal having escaped custody for unspecified crimes. Played by James.

Current Position

One of the Lost 130th, Kampf is wanted by the Earth authorities.

Biographical Details

If known mention date and place of birth and relationships.

Distinguishing Features


[if known]

Career History

Kampf served as a combat engineer in Ground Forces before joining the Starship Marines. He had a number of postings before joining the now legendary 130th Earther Marine Regiment aboard the ESS Agamemnon. He distinguished himself in a number of actions and was with the 130th Regiment on the notorious Operation Blackberry.

Kampf was incarcerated with most of 130EMR following Op Blackberry. Along with a number of other members of the regiment he broke out of captivity and has been on the run from the Earther authorities since 3199. Although the activities of 130EMR on Op Blackberry have since been declassified, and the remaining members of the regiment pardoned. As one of the 'Lost 130th' the pardon does not apply to Kampf or his comrades. If captured Kampf will be involuntarily mind-wiped.

Other Information

As well as having been a combat engineer, Kampf is trained in damage control.


Taking things apart to see how they work.


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