Morris Miller

Senator from Packard in the Greater Federation of Asteel. Cameo role by Eric.

Current Position

Currently the Senator from Packard and leader of the Conservative Party

Biographical Details

Morris William “Mo” Miller was born on Packard. He is the youngest child in a family of six, of which he is the only Perfect. Before becoming a Senator, he served in the GFA army as a Planetary Guard soldier for five years, although he did not see any action, and was a businessman afterwards. He is of upper middle class circumstances.

Distinguishing Features


Old Catholic (an obscure sect of the Universal Church)

Career History

Miller is a member of a local Packhard party, the Conservative Party of Packhard. Miller is known for an aggressive foreign policy stance. He also has a reputation as a reformer, and deplores the many scandals that he claims Esteeler politics is riddled with. He has criticized Potato's foreign policy as too closely aligned with the Republic of New Venus. He voted against removing the three term limit, arguing that repealing it was a blatant power grab by Potato. He also opposes the IFF treaty and the Human League. He has a bit of a reputation as an extremist, but is fairly charismatic (though personally he is no Alphie) which gives him a strong base of support regardless, and he is considered by most commentators a competent if not outstanding politician. He is best known for his third party run for President of Asteel. He ran as the candidate of the Conservative Party, launching his campaign with a speech at New Gettisbourg, Asteel on 3210.050. During this speech, he criticized the President for having too close a relationship with the Republic of New Venus, for his actions at Amoss, and for repealing the three term limit on Presidents. He also attacked the President as a “lightweight.” He also promised a greater anti-crime and anti-corruption effort and promised a program of subsidies to encourage more genetic augmentation. Finally, he attacked the two party system as a “political oligopoly.” Shortly after his speech, polls showed Miller at 7%. During the campaign, Miller continued to hammer away at Potato on the issues of Corruption, Crime, and Natural Rights. In the later weeks of the campaign, Miller switched much of his attack to foreign policy. His Deputy Presidential running mate was Luis Netter, a former Reform Party Senator from Vertol. He was able to win a plurality of the vote in his home quadrant, Q1, and Quadrant 7. Polls showed Miller at 26.7%, ahead of Reform Party candidate Mimi Poisson. Towards the end of the campaign he and President Potato engaged in a heated argument, prompted by Potato calling Miller a “dangerous and irresponsible warmonger.” Major supporters of the Miller Campaign included Q7 Governor Rhett Elgon (a member of the Reform Party) and Planetary Governor of Packard Robert Katsuragi. His upper middle class circumstances did not give him a large amount of self-financing to invest in his campaign, which has relied mostly on donations. Miller ultimately lost the election, but he promised to keep fighting and to run again in five years.

Other Information

Occasional rumors link him romantically to GFAN fighter pilot Inyri Joan Kemmer. Miller has neither confirmed nor denied these rumors.


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