Robert Stassen Jr.

From the Free Worlds Alliance, former lawyer, Admiral and current Secretary of the Navy. He is an NPC

Current Position

On 3209.080, he was appointed Secretary of the Navy by Chairman William Jackson. Secretary of the Navy is a new position created by Jackson as part of his reorganization proposal. Stassen is the first person so appointed.

Biographical Details

Robert Patrick Stassen Jr. was born on Radhakrishnan on 3150.195. He had a brief career as an attorney before joining the Radhakrishnan Navy.

Distinguishing Features



Career History

He was the head of Radhakrishnan's military before the creation of the SWDA, which included a C5A, Pac squadron and militia forces. He retired after a few years of service as an SWDA Admiral. He was generally regarded as a fine organizer, but an uninspired tactician.

Other Information

He is married to Sarah Stassen


Stassen enjoys a good game of old fashion Terran style golf.


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