People Template

The page names will be automatically created using the heading that you enter on the 'add new blog entry' line.

Please try to add new people in the following format, everything below the horizontal line is how the actual pages should look, directions are given in [square brackets].

Firstname Surname

Nationality [politician/naval officer/academic/administrator/etc]. [If a player character mention the name of the player, ditto if a key NPC].

Current Position

Since [date] they have been [describe how they are currently employed in the campaign setting]. [META if no longer available describe their last known role, put an end date on it and say that their current employment is not known].

Biographical Details

If known mention date and place of birth and relationships.


[if known]

Career History

Where known starting from the earliest to latest.

Other Information

Anything else known about the person. Use some sensible headings to break it up at H3 level if there is more than a couple of paragraphs.

Don't forget to tag the character page. Remove the spaces between the curly brackets to get this to work, some fo the obvious tags are filled in already so that you can simply cut and paste the template and delete the bits you don't want to use.

{ { tag > people [nationality acronym] SurnameA [career] [NPC] [PC] [KP] [Q0-8] [initials] [homeworld] [player]} }

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