Thompson Bequerel

Thompson “Tommy” Bequerel is a naval officer from the Free Worlds Alliance. He is an NPC

Current Position

Since 3206.400 he has been the captain of the FWA CVI Starbuck, the flagship of the Alliance Fleet.

Biographical Details

He was born on Gat on 3168.273. In 3188, he married Linda MacNamara.

Distinguishing Features


True Jedi

Career History

He commanded a C5A in a clash against three smaller pirate vessels in 3204 over Lamster and managed to disable two and destroy another. As the captain of Starbuck, he took part in Operation Wolfhound and Operation Panama. He is considered the best captain in the Free Worlds Alliance by many. <HTML> <br> </HTML> Decorations: Bronze Cluster, Operation Panama Campaign Medal, Operation Wolfhound Campaign Medal, Operation Line Drive Campaign Medal, Gatian Medal of Valor

Other Information


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