Orange or Lemon?

This is a working title for a game about the Scottish Parliament's convention in the Spring of 1689. The game has been play-tested once at the 2007 CLWG Games Weekend, refinements to the game mechanisms have been included on the relevant pages. More detailed specific player briefings1) need to be prepared to allow for a few more uncommitted players.

The Game

The game covers the events of the time of the Scots Parliament's discussions in 1689 of whether King James VII should be replaced by his son in law Prince William of Orange. Historically this was pretty evenly balanced and only resolved when some key Jacobites left town. Most of those involved were apathetic but couldn't afford to be seen to have either backed the wrong horse, or to have left it too late to show support for the eventual winner of the struggle.

Player Roles

Players would be the leaders of the two main factions plus a couple of other key protagonists (notably the catholic Duke of Gordon who was governor of Edinburgh Castle).

The main aim of the game is to swing the balance in favour of your chosen candidate for King, whether James or William.

Historical Background

some historical background (in the order that the Convention dealt with its business):

note that the player briefings aren't on the wiki as these have player-specific objectives that work best of the other players haven't read them
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