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This page is an attempt to list all the personalities that have cropped up in the universe campaign over the last ten years or so. Of course it will only pick up a few of those, but it is a start point.

There is also a Who's Who, but that just tells you the name of current postholders at the top of the tree, I want this section to have what is known of people's biographies and any previous posts, even if they are no longer in office and even if they are relatively minor characters.

Recent Additions

Lt. Jacob 'Crackers' Kampf

Earther marine officer, formerly of the 130th Earther Marine Regiment. Wanted criminal having escaped custody for unspecified crimes. Played by James.

Current Position

One of the Lost 130th, Kampf is wanted by the Earth authorities.

Biographical Details

If known mention date and place of birth and relationships.

Distinguishing Features

[if known]

Career History

Kampf served as a combat engineer in Ground Forces before joining the Starship Marines. He had a number of postings before joining the now legendary 130th Earther Marine Regiment aboard the ESS Agamemnon. He distinguished himself in a number of actions and was with the 130th Regiment on the notorious Operation Blackberry.

Kampf was incarcerated with most of 130EMR following Op Blackberry. Along with a number of other members of the regiment he broke out of captivity and has been on the run from the Earther authorities since 3199. Although the activities of 130EMR on Op Blackberry have since been declassified, and the remaining members of the regiment pardoned. As one of the 'Lost 130th' the pardon does not apply to Kampf or his comrades. If captured Kampf will be involuntarily mind-wiped.

Other Information

As well as having been a combat engineer, Kampf is trained in damage control.


Taking things apart to see how they work.


Chairman William Jackson

From the Free Worlds Alliance, former High Admiral and current Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers. Played by Eric.

Current Position

Since 3207.231 he has been Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers of the SWDA/FWA. This is effectively the highest position in the FWA. (In fact, it was at his suggestion that the Lamster Summit Meeting, which renamed the SWDA the FWA, was convened.) He leads the FWA's defense policy from Naval Headquarters on Lamster, the center and de facto “capitol” of the FWA. He gave the first “State of the Alliance” speech there.

Biographical Details

Jackson was born in Alder City, Gat, on 3140.244. He is married to Lurleen Jackson, a native of Lamster, and they have two children together, Kyle Jackson and Jasmine Jackson. Kyle is an officer in the FWA navy, while Jasmine is Chief of Staff for Ali Elliam, the President of Gat (a close friend of Jackson's.) Jackson has two grandchildren, Amanda Jackson and Harold Jackson

Distinguishing Features

Jackson is a lifelong member of the Universal Church

Career History

Before becoming an Admiral, Jackson commanded a C5A in a battle against a pirate C4 and C2 as a Captain in Gat's navy. For this victory, he was awarded the Medal of Valor, Gat's highest award for valor.

Admiral and High Admiral

He was head of the Gattian armed forces before the formation of the Alliance. After its formation he was appointed High Admiral (the highest rank in the Seven Worlds Defense Alliance.) He helped form and train the first combined fleets and was critical in efforts to obtain professionally built warships, such as the CVI Starbuck.

Chairmanship of the Seven Worlds Defense Alliance

He was elected Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers in 3207.231. His election marked a new direction in Alliance politics with the first election of a non-Minister to the post. The Council had previously been regarded as a “talking shop” where little was done. Jackson's tough, no-nonsense reputation was a major factor in his election. His replacement as High Admiral was Hermione Xen. As Chairman, he has launched the anti-piracy operation Operation Wolfhound, which rapidly became an intervention culminating in a battle on 3207.386 at the Lon Chaney system. He dispatched a C5A to Kami to assist in repairing its orbital, later called Operation Friend in Need. He strengthened the Alliance navy with professionally built warships, especially in planetary defense, where he replaced all C5As with DDIs. On 3207.320 he suggested that the SWDA should sign several international treaties, which ultimately lead to the Lamster Summit Meeting on 3208.023.

Chairmanship of the Free Worlds Alliance

As the Chairman of the Free Worlds Alliance, he negotiated and signed a non-aggression pact with the MAFC and later one with the UoX. He launched Operation Panama, an anti-piracy sweep through neighboring systems. On 3209.034, he announced the formation of the Alliance's first military shipyard, the first to be built by a minor power and the first outside of Quadrant 1. He also masterminded the creation of the Interplanetary Interdiction Missile (All information about IPIMs is currently classified, save that they are an anti-piracy weapon.) Jackson has supported the Alliance's traditionally close ties with the UoX. He negotiated and signed a non-aggression treaty with the Martian Association's Quadrant 1 governor. He later signed a non-aggression and friendship treaty with the UoX. He dispatched military advisors to the independent worlds Charley and T20. On 3209.160, he visited Damper, his first visit off Lamster since becoming Chairman. He then visited the independent world of Long Dough, his first visit to an impendent world since becoming Chairman. He met with First Minister Ashanti of the Solar Republic on Lamster, in the first meeting between the FWA and the Head of State of a great power, where the FWA-SR non-aggression treaty was signed. He also proposed a Galactic Anti-Piracy Conference to be held on Lamster. His popularity and that of the Alliance has risen steadily throughout his Chairmanship. Currently the FWA has the highest popularity of any independent power. He has remained a committed Federalist, championing the cause of reforming the Free Worlds Alliance into a closer union. Jackson has also supported the expansion of the FWA and greater solidarity between independent worlds. Recently, Jackson has been pushing for the creation of a Federation between the FWA worlds. He was one of the authors of a draft constitution for the proposed “Federated Planets of the Outer Quadrants.” Jackson led the Free Worlds to victory in the FWA-Z155 War.

Other Information

He is good friends with Ali Elliam, the president of Gat. They met when Jackson was an officer in the Gatian military and Elliam was a Senator.


Jackson enjoys watching baseball. He is also a great bowler.

Preceded by Military positions succeded by
Joseph Achenson Admiral of Gat
Richard Elliam
n.a. position created 1st High Admiral of the Seven Worlds Defense Alliance
Hermione Xen
Preceded by Political offices succeded by
Micheal Wilson 2nd Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers

Stephen Bailey

Earther. A leading figure in the Imperium's cultural life, Lord Bailey has had a rich and distinguished career in broadcasting, journalism, the arts and public service. [Played by James].

Current Position

Since 3210 he has been on the back benches in the Senate, previously have served as Minister for the Colonies and as Governor of Q5.

Biographical Details

Born into an aristocratic family Lord Bailey was the fourth son of a Baron. He attended the exclusive Lunar Academy where he excelled in rhetoric and debate. After school he went to Triton as an officer candidate and qualified as a pacifier pilot. He then served as a junior officer in the Earth Navy from 3164 to 3170 and received an award for meritorious conduct whilst serving on board ESS Ark Royal during a reactor leak incident.

From 3170 to 3182, Lord Bailey worked as host, writer and producer of several influential programs on Tri-D for the Disney Corporation, including Take Thirty and the Fifth Estate. A noted writer, he also contributed numerous articles to major news media and magazines in the Imperium and wrote three books ('The Imperium', 'Friends in High Places', and 'The Babylon Scandal'). He has also written and directed several films. His work in the media has garnered dozens of Tri-D awards.

He was appointed to the Senate in the new year honours list released on 3183.001. In In tandem with his political career he also assumed responsibilities as Executive Producer, Host and Writer for the program 'Lord Bailey Presents' for a period of 11 years. The program is famous for presenting the arguments for and against current legislation in an accessible fashion for the popular audience.

While in office in Quadrant 5 he presided over the investigation of allegations that the GFA Governor in Q5 Alfie_Potato, who went on to become President of the GFA, had been involved in the creation of the illegal AI Cerebro. His report has been the subject of some controversy and it is suggested that his clean bill of health for Alfie was the reason why the Earth & GFA have been on such good terms.

Angeline Floralpattern

From the Republic of Z155, General Angeline Floralpattern was the Commander of the Z155 Crusader Corps. She is an NPC.

Current Position

Since T101, she has been in Free Worlds Alliance custody, after she was arrested by IFU during the FWA-Z155 war.

Biographical Details

Angeline is the daughter of First Minster Floralpattern.

Distinguishing Features

Short blond hair.


An extremely devout member of the First Church of Earth. She is absolutely devoted to the First Church of Earth, and willing to use any means necessary to ensure “God’s Will.”

Career History

General Floralpattern has no military training or experience. She was in command of the 10,000 strong paramilitary force the Z155 Crusader Corps since its founding in T98, until she was arrested on T101 in a command bunker under the Council building. She commanded the ZCC during the FWA-Z155 war. Ultimately the Corps was defeated by the FWA. On T103, she was handed over to the Z155 police and it was expected she would go on trial soon.

Other Information


General Floralpattern’s time was divided almost entirely between the First Church of Earth and the Crusader Corps, and she had very little time to pursue any hobbies.

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Darius Zehring

Deadlock politician and religious leader. An NPC.

Current Position

Since 3190 he has been High Panjandrum of the United Branch Militant of the Seventh Coming and the Head of State of successively the New Canaan Colony, the United Democratic Peoples and the unified Deadlock system government.

Biographical Details

He was born some time in the 3140s in Venerian space, but emigrated early to the colonies in Q1. He came to Deadlock as one of the senior members of the New Canaan Colony when the United Branch Militant of the Seventh Coming decided to find their own system to settle in around 3175.

Distinguishing Features

He is the head of the United Branch Militant of the Seventh Coming which is an offshoot of the Church of the Seventh Coming.

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