Deadlock is one of the more prosperous independent worlds in Quadrant 1. In total there were about 6,360,000 people in the system in late 3210. Deadlock has an Average economy. This is an expansion from their previous Below Average economy of 3209.


Deadlock is a strongly religious colony. There has been a good deal of repression of unbelievers since the end of the war of unification.


Deadlock is ruled over by the Theocratic Council of Ministers. It is not clear how these Ministers are appointed. The head of state is High Panjandrum Darius Zehring. The High Panjandrum is appointed by the twelve member Holy Array of Joblillies, a sort of inner cabinet. The exact workings of Deadlock’s government are very hard for outsiders to determine.

Deadlock’s human rights record is poor and its system of government has no democratic processes whatsoever. There have been attempts to introduce democracy before but all have been crushed by the Theocracy, which is a splinter sect (United Branch Militant of the Seventh Coming) of the Church of the Seventh Coming.


Deadlock maintains an army of militia. Deadlock's space forces, the Deadlock Crusader Squadron, consist of a mercenary-crewed Armed Class 5000 and a C1AS.

Foreign Relations

Deadlock is a close neighbour to the Free Worlds Alliance, and attempted to join in 3208 at the Lamster conference. They were ultimately refused membership on the grounds of their poor human rights record and lack of democracy. The Zehring government remains hopeful it will join the FWA in the future, but refuses to accept any “interference in its internal affairs.”

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