Deadlock War of Unification

Prior to war of unification in 3196-7 Deadlock was a prosperous system with several heterogeneous colonies on the planetary surface. In the period from 3190 - 3196 the economy as a whole was relatively stable at Below Average, and the local governments on the planetary surface were making moves towards a peaceful unification. A number of colonies voted to merge themselves into larger groupings.


Deadlock in Q1 has been settled for some significant period of time. As of 3196.001 it has a Below Average economy (10 SV in total) and a population of some 7 million. These are shared around a number of colonial groups as detailed below.

Recent Events

Over the last decade the number of independent colonies on the planet has reduced from 9 to 5. There is a clear understanding amongst all of the colony governments that there needs to be unity on the planet if the econimic prosperity is to continue. As such several of the colonies have been involved in talks to create a federal structure to deal with common issues that would still allow them all to retain their own autonomy.

The extant colonial groups are (in rough order of size):

Union of Democratic Peoples

On its own this is Very Poor economically giving the colony government about 5 SV to run their affairs. This is a relatively recent state of affairs, as the UDP have fought two wars in the last six years, taking over three other colonies. All their economic growth is from absorption of other colonies, which have been picked off one at a time. The UDP was the second largest of the colonies ten years ago and invested its resources in Militia. It then took over the Big Red Mining Corporation, its nearest neighbour, by negotiation, following the accidental deaths of three key Board members of BRMC in a mine explosion.

The extra resources from this allowed the fledgling UDP (then called the New Canaan Colony) to add to its forces. Three years later there followed a short victorious war with the New Democrats of Deadlock who then voted to merge with the New Canaan Colony to form the UDP. The referendum was plagued with allegations of vote rigging, violence and dirty campaigning. In the Presidential Elections that followed Darius Zehring, Head of the United Branch Militant of the Seventh Coming, was elected president. The result was greeted by violence from the people of NDD who didn't share his deeply religious convictions.

Another short war followed, defending against the Free People of Deadlock (another colony) who had attempted to invade the former NDD territory in what they said was a war of liberation. This ended in disaster for the FPD, whose government fell after their defeat in the first major engagement of the war. Another controversial referendum followed, with the predictable result that the FPD joined the UDP. The UDP then set up special prisons for political prisoners.

Deadlock Association of Free Colonists

This is a very loose association of three of the longer established groups (Pickledonia, Deadlock First Landers, and the Green Grass Colonies) plus the more recent New Sun Colony. All of the four constituent parties retain their own forms of government, methods for choosing their government, laws and financial independence. However they have agreed to co-operate for mutual defence and external relations as well as for economic growth.


A merger of two colonies that named in enthusiasm for the Pickles administration in the MAFC. Both the original colonies have drawn heavily on second wave colonisation from MAFC systems and have retained the notable character of that polity. Their economy is worth just under 2SV and as such is the largest of the four in the DAFC (about 36% of the total). Their population is just over 1 million.

Deadlock First Landers

As the name of the colony suggests this is descendant of the original group that landed on Deadlock back in 3178. There have been a few off-shoots and splits, but this group covers the original landing site and most of the longest residents. It also has a fair number of newer arrivals in its population as well as a significant number of those born on Deadlock. It has an economy of around 1.5 SV and a population of about 1 million.

Green Grassers

An off-shoot of the Deadlock First Landers, so called because it was the later arrivals involved in farming who wanted to expand onto the second largest continent on the surface. They are agriculture heavy and are the main food producers in the system. Population of just under half a million, but economically strong with about 1.25 SV of resources.

New Sun Colony

Established in 3191 from people largely born on Earth. Strong start from public funds and with a link into the Earth Empire for back-up if required. Although new this colony is of a significant size, having attracted almost 0.5 million colonists in the four years since it was established. The New Sun Colony recently signed up to become part of the Deadlock Association of Free Colonists.

Deadlock Political Map

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