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Free Worlds Alliance

The Free Worlds (originally Seven Worlds Defensive) Alliance is a collection of independent systems in quadrant one and quadrant eight. The original seven systems involved in the alliance are Killiekrankie, Pratt, Nose, Gat, Lamster, Damper and Radhakrishnan. Ankh joined in 3207 and the alliance was subsequently re-named. The Free Worlds Alliance is a member of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. The FWA is allied to the Two Worlds Trade Zone.


Garrisons: Each planet is protected by an interstellar destroyer, except Damper, which is protected by an interplanetary destroyer, and Kami, protected by a C5A. These destroyers are fast enough to chase down pirates.
Central Fleet: Central Fleet is the main striking power of the FWA fleet. It was this force that executed Operation PANAMA. It includes two carriers (Starbuck and Alliance), two Battleships, a heavy cruiser, an ALSI, a C1AS and three C5 for logistics support. It is slated to eventually include two destroyers. Central Fleet will launch Operation Line Drive.
South Fleet: South Fleet is a scout fleet, scouting sector BJ to warn of any alien incursions. It consists of eight C1AS and a C5A for logistics. South Fleet is partially funded by Earth.
East Fleet: East Fleet is planned to one day be a full battlefleet like Central Fleet, but for now it is only a paper command. It consists of one C1AS.
Reserves: The FWA has an LSSI in mothballs at Gat and a mothballed C5A at Radhakrishnan.

Other Forces

Ground Forces: The FWA Army comprises one Ground Force Brigade, the FWA Rapid Reaction Brigade. It is transported by a hired ALSI. The FWA Army wear black uniforms. The FWA Marine Corps also has an Independent Marine Regiment. This regiment was sent to Lon Chaney (although it did not see combat) and oversaw ground security for the Lamster conference. It is currently attached to Central Fleet. FWA Marines wear dark green uniforms.
Local Defensive forces: Ground troops not under FWA command include five militia divisions, two ISDs and two Ground Force Divisions. Of particular note is the Prattian army, a GFD. A battalion of the Prattian army saw combat at Lon Chaney, with a handful of troopers being wounded.
Missile Program: The FWA missile program is composed of Interplanetary Interdiction missiles and is currently mothballed on Kami. Other information is classified.
Intelligence Service: FWA intelligence was previously considered quite poor, but Jackson has invested an SV in the service and brought in UoX advisors to improve it. The Head of Alliance Intelligence is Commander Harry Dunne.

Independence Yards

The FWA constructed a shipyard at Damper, which was brought online on 10.055 . It is the first military shipyard built outside of the 'big eight' and the second shipyard of any kind built outside of Q0. The FWA is not bound by the agreements that prevent the 'big eight' powers from building shipyards outside of Q1, so it is perfectly legal. It has constructed an interplanetary destroyer and a CVI. It is currently constructing a DDI and a CAI

The Worlds


Killiekrankie has an above average economy which provides a surplus of 30 SV each year, most of its settlers came from Earth. Typically the government invests 12 SV back into the economy. Killiekrankie is protected by a Ground Force Division. More background on Killiekrankie is available.


Pratt is has an average economy mainly settled from MAFC systems. They are protected by a Ground Force Division. Pratt by and large supports a very aggressive foreign policy, with President Mathiew recommending that the SWDA invade the DCLC in Operation Wolfhound.


Nose has an above average economy and was mostly settled from UOX systems. Nose provides the CNO (Admiral Neb.) They have an Internal Security Division.


Gat is an average economy and was mostly settled from GFA systems. The system is protect by a SBHEWS, an independent Pac squadron and an Internal Security Division. They currently host a nuclear weapons facility that provides nukes to all members of the alliance. Gat is the home of Chairman Jackson.


Lamster has a below average economy and is a former member of the Centauri Conglomerate. As the centre of the fourteen systems geographically it hosts the Naval HQ and serves as the FWA’s unofficial capital. Lamster is protected by a Militia Division. A civilian repair yard owned by the Hyama Reconstruction Corporation is located at Lamster.


Mainly colonized from SSR systems, Damper is the home of the alliance's Marine Training Centre and is supplying marines to all vessels in the alliance fleet. Of all the FWA worlds, Damper has most benefited from the Alliance; when Damper joined it had a Poor economy, and Damper now has a Rich economy, making it the most prosperous world in the FWA. It is protected by two militia divisions. It also supports the FWA’s shipyards, Independence Yards. Damper is the home of High Admiral Xen.


Colonized from RNV systems. It has a Militia Division and an Average economy.


Ankh joined the FWA in 3207. They have a below average economy and are protected by a militia division.


Spuk joined the FWA in 3210. It is the only FWA member world outside of Quadrant 1. Spuk, Q8 has a below average economy.


Kami joined the FWA in 3211. Kami has a poor economy. Several Forerunner artifacts were found on Kami.


Charley joined the FWA in 3211. The FWA provided advisors to Charley’s Defender Squadron for several years before Charley joined the FWA. Charley has a below average economy. The Defender Squadron still operates from Charley.


Checkno joined the FWA in 3211. Checkno has a Just Starting economy.


A non-member world, Ragg is uninhabited except for a small military outpost called Fort Wilson. The Military Governor of Ragg is Commodore Jenna Hiroshi. Ragg was annexed in 3210.

New Bermuda

A non-member world, New Bermuda was known as T23 until it was annexed by the FWA and renamed. The Military Governor of New Bermuda is Commander Saukam Sutsakhan. There is only a very small FWA outpost on New Bermuda, New El Toro.

Recent events

In 3206 the SWDA acquired its first professionally built warship, a hired CVI named (Starbuck). On 3207.200, the planet of Ankh signed the SWDA Treaty. Shortly afterwards, on 3207.231 High Admiral Jackson, the former head of the SWDA military, was elected Chairman of the Council of Defense Ministers, based on his tough, no-nonsense reputation. He began to hire more professionally built warships. At the Lamster Conference in late 3207, the SWDA was renamed the Free Worlds Alliance. On 3210.061, Spuk in Q8 voted to join the FWA, making the FWA the ninth multi-quadrant power. In 3210, the FWA created an Alliance Free Trade Zone between its members. On 3210.372, the FWA began constructing an outpost on Ragg. In 3211, Charley, Kami and Checkno joined the FWA and New Bermuda was annexed. Tensions were high with Z155.


On 3211.360, the Free Worlds Alliance officially declared war on the Republic of Z155. Jackson predicted that Operation Line Drive, as the war was known, would be a short, decisive campaign.

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