Sometimes They Come Back - Act 2

While the patrol get together in the main room of the tavern for a debrief the following morning there is a disturbance out the back. Five skeletons break out of beer kegs in the kitchen and attack the staff. The patrol rush to deal with them, which takes a matter of minutes.

Once this is done they go out the front of the Inn as they hear cries for help from the square. It appears that the skeletons were just a diversion for the kidnapping of the local priest.

To their dismay the party find a very large group of zombies and skeletons blocking their way as the Necromancer escapes with the priest on a horse-drawn cart. Despite their best efforts they can't persuade the undead creatures to flee from them. They form a line and start shooting, except Ostler and the now recovered Flynn who both run round to the stables for their horses.

It takes some time before it becomes apparent that they have lost the trail of the Necromancer. They also need to deal with all the undead and heal the injured from the encounter. By the time they do so it is getting on towards evening. They patrol decide that the best option is to leave half to look after the village and the others to go scout the battlefield for the Necromancer.

Ostler, Flynn and Gregory go to the battlefield. On arrival they find it much changed from their previous visit. There appear to have been a large number of graves opened up, and there was an air of activity round the temples that hadn't been there before.

Warily the three agents approached the temples. Their first contact was a skeleton which they rebuked. They did the same for a number of other skeletons and zombies which fled across the battlefield. This left them clear to fight the necromancer and two of his henchmen. One of the henchmen was neatly beheaded by a lucky strike from Ostler, another was chased done and captured by Flynn. Ostler and Gregory dealt with the Necromancer and managed to inflict sufficient wounds to kill him after a hard fight.

The following day the patrol carried on their journey towards Templeton.

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