Lamster Summit Meeting

The Lamster Summit (also called the Lamster Conference) was a meeting held between the heads of state of each of the eight worlds of the Seven Worlds Defense Alliance. The meeting was held in the Diet building on Lamster. A Deadlockian Special Representative, The Jolly Reverend Bishop Mercy Dobine was in attendance. Also in attendance was Chairman Jackson from the Council of Defence Ministers.

Conference Agenda

On the agenda for this meeting were the following issues:

1. Renaming the Alliance

2. Joint foreign policy directives, including

      a.  The Stickney Treaty
      b.  The Vienna Convention
      c.  The Saturn Convention
      d.  Treaty of Geneva
      e.  The IFF Treaty
      f.  Developing closer economic ties with the UoX

3. The situation on Lon Chaney

4. Membership of the Human League

5. Application for membership from Deadlock

6. Defence Policy

7. Political Union

1. In light of the addition of an eighth member and possible further expansion of the SWDA, it was decided that the name “Seven Worlds Defense Alliance” was no longer appropriate. The name “Free Worlds Alliance” was chosen, and a new flag was commisioned.

2. a. All worlds agreed to sign Stickney c. There was very strong support for the Saturn Convention. It was unanimously agreed upon.

3. The details of this conversation are secret, but will probably be declassified in a year or two. Evidently, it did not include authorization for an attack on the DCLC colony.

4. Despite Chairman Jackson's strong support, none of the worlds thought this was worthwhile. The five SV cost was far too great for a mission which would take decades. It was generally agreed that this is something that the Major Powers ought to fund. The principle was applauded, but Alliance members had more pressing concerns regionally. First Minister McTavish of Killikrankie said that her government would be offering volunteers to join the Human League expedition, but would be unable to fund them.

5: Deadlockian Special Representative, The Jolly Reverend Bishop Mercy Dobine spoke to the summit on their application. She pointed out the economic benefits of closer links and the need for independent worlds to join together in a dangerous universe. She ended with a prayer. Bishop Devine was questioned closely by the members, particularly on the record of Deadlock on religious intolerance and its less than perfect human rights record. And its democratic processes (which do not really seem to exist). The Bishop withdrew, and the summit was divided on acceptance. In the end, approval was vetoed by Radharikrishnan, and the application formally rejected. The Bishop was told that reapplication was possible should a system of universal suffrage and democracy be introduced in Deadlock. The Bishop explained that this would be impossible as that sort of democracy was counter to 'God's Will'.

6: The Chair of the Council of Defence Ministers reported on Alliance military activity. The details of this report are classified. The Summit approved the policy of proactive engagement, but set outlimits on such activity: - Involvement on the surface of worlds without invitiation was not approved. - 'hot pursuit' of pirates into independent systems was approved So far, FWA operations (such as Operation: Panama) have obeyed these policies.

7: It has become clear that the economic development of the Alliance will require further, closer, economic and political ties between member worlds. President Elliam of Gat proposed the start of negotiations on closer economic and political union between member states. He pointed out that the Alliance already has a de-facto common foreign policy and joint military infrastructure. This was welcomed by the summit, but there was recognition that the process might take a while, particulalry negotiation on the levels of subsidiarity and the legal and political framework needed. It was agreed that this process be started.

The Summit ended with a vote of thanks to Chief Executive Imig of Lamster for hosting the Summit. There followed a press conference and photo opportunities and a reception.


President Quinton Diffey of Radharikrishnan: Reverend Dobine, I must tell you that, in light of the frequent human rights abuses by your government and its status as a one party theocracy, the Free Worlds Alliance cannot accept your request for membership in the Alliance.

Jolly Reverend Bishop Mercy Dobine: I am very sorry to hear that you will set such unreasonable demands on membership. I, and all of Deadlock, hope that you will reconsider in the near future. We still believe that we can acomplish much together.

President Diffey: If a system of universal suffrage and democracy is introduced on Deadlock, we will reconsider your application, and indeed I think that under those circumstances it is very likely it will be accepted.

Bishop Dobine: That can never happen. Democracy is contrary to God's Will, and His commandments upon which the Deadlock colony was founded.

Chief Executive Jackson Imig of Lamster: Then I am afraid that we have nothing more to discuss with you.

Bishop Dobine: Very well. (Bishop Dobine stands.) When you realize your mistake, we will happily reapply. (Leaves)


Chairman Jackson keeps a photo of himself with the heads of state at the Lamster conference in his office.


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