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Lamster is a world in Quadrant 1 at the center of the Free Worlds Alliance, and was the setting for the Lamster Summit Meeting which established the alliance as it is known today.


The Diet of Lamster is the main ruling body. Members of the Diet are selected by regional selection bodies, after a system of competition and opinion polls. Lamster has a loose system modelled a little after the Centauri, of whom it was once a member system.

Government is small, and mainly operates the legal system and ensures that contract law is enforced. In 3207 the Chief Executive was Jackson Imig.


For many years a very poor colony but recently Lamster's economy has improved recently, largely as a result of being part of a larger trading group. Today it has a Below Average economy. A civilian repair yard owned by the Hyama Reconstruction Corporation is located at Lamster.


The Free Worlds Alliance naval headquarters and the Council of Defense Ministers are located there, which makes it a sort of impromptu 'capital' for the Free Worlds Alliance. The Lamster conference was held there, further cementing this status.

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