T66 Q0 IEN Official Communiqué - Action at Amoss Q6

We had considerable and verifiable reports of a legitimate secessionist move of the elected and popular Government of Amoss. Accordingly normal political channels were used to contact the Sirian Colonial Government. There was a clear humanitarian crisis on Amoss, and as a precautionary measure we moved elements of the Colonial Fleet into the area. Reports from the INN of CHF forces being used were inaccurate.

SSR Refusal of Secession

In the face of the local SSR regime refusing to accept the local people's determination to peacefully secede from the SSR the local Earth Governor agreed that humanitarian assistance could be delivered by volunteers who wished to come to the assistance of the local democratically elected government of Amoss.

With the heightened tensions it was deemed appropriate by local commanders that the aid convoy be escorted. In addition, Earth merchants were being increasingly harassed by Sirian Naval forces, such that legitimate Earth trade interests were threatened.

Negotiations with the legitimate Government of Amoss resulted in an agreement to support the return of expatriate individuals and certain economic aid for the elected government of the colony. The Colonial fleet arrived to secure the aid, and protect legitimate

In orbital space around the colony local commanders were unable to achieve a peaceful settlement, and Sirian Naval forces opened fire on IEN units - though technically overmatched.

The Sirian commander insisted that all vessels be surrendered to the SSR Government for impounding pending investigation into the situation and the requisite bureaucracy being completed to issue entry permits to the system. When this was quite properly refused by the IEN commander who explained that there was an urgent need to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Amoss the Sirian commander broke off communications.

Approximately twenty minutes later, long enough for a signal exchange between the ship positions and the orbital on Amoss, the Sirians resumed contact. They insisted that the IEN vessels depart immediately for the M25 and that the civilian vessels be surrendered. Failing to do so was to be seen as a hostile act.

In response the IEN commander requested that the SSR Captain surrender immediately as the SSR force was clearly over-matched.

The SSR response was to open fire. The battle was short but decisive. The Sirian Navy retired from the system after taking a number of hits on their battleship and losing 8 pacifiers shot down.

IEN losses were minimal and the primary mission was successful. The fleet is currently supporting local Amoss Government forces against a Sirian GF Division. We have neutralised the GF Division's orbital assets and control Amoss Station, so the fighting is unlikely to last much longer.

This is very much a local situation where our local governor has felt duty bound to support a local democratic movement in asserting the right of all people to self determination in the face of colonial oppression.

The space battle was a case of self defence by the IEN while escorting humanitarian volunteers into Amoss in an attempt to ensure that mass loss of human life was avoided. No part of the CHF was involved.

We expect Amoss to become fully independent now.

– Sir George Tryon, KOBE Admiral of the White

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