T83 - Sunshine Fund Established

dateline: 3209.300 Hookum, Q1

First Minister Ashanti annouced today that he had mandated the establishment of the Sunshine Fund to provide low level assistance to those in independent colonies that needed short term help.

Sunshine Fund

The aim of the Sunshine Fund is to provide low level assistance to small colony management to help them stay viable. The fund will provide cash to allow the colony management to buy in specialist equipment or personnel that can increase their ability to survive in what is often a hostile environment. The cash would be granted without obligation at the discretion of the local Quadrant Governor.

The eligibility criteria are:

  • the colony is independent;
  • there are no other polities investing in the colony;
  • there is a demonstrable need for assistance to ensure the colony continues;
  • specialist equipment, resources or personnel are required;

It does not matter where in a Quadrant the colony is located and it is for the colony management to approach the Earth Quadrant Government to ask for assitance, although where there is a clear humanitarian need the help may be offered before it is asked for.

There is a presumption that all requests for assistance will be actioned on rapidly and subject only to sufficient funds being available.

Each of the eight quadrants outside Q0 will have their own fund from the start of 3210.


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