T93 - We Are At War

The Earth Empire in Quadrant 6 has been attacked at Doggie, and significant loss of life has occurred. The 14th Battle Fleet have driven off the attacking force without a fight, but they are expected to return.

Widespread Threat

Speaking to the Senate, the First Minister said that reports from Quadrant 6 and Sector EJ make it clear that there is a widespread threat. Enemy bases have been discovered in at least 6 systems in Sector EJ, and a significant human fleet from Quadrant 7 has been despatched to deal with these bases and the enemy fleet.

In Quadrant 6 the first scout ship watched an enemy fleet destroy the orbitals at Doggie before starting an assault landing of the planet. As soon as 14th Battle Fleet arrived at the M25 they started a rapid burn for the planet, hoping to bring the enemy to battle and destroy them. However the enemy recalled all surface units and fled the system before 14BF were able to reach them. Humanitarian aid is being provided to the survivors of Doggie.

It is clear that we face a substantial threat and that it will take a great deal of time and effort to deal with this new incursion. We all need to stand together in the face of our common enemy, and provide all the support that we can to those in the front line. The more than we sacrifice now, the faster our victory will come.


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