Brittany Hevanitski

Venerian former naval officer, former commander of Venerian naval forces in Quadrant four.

Current Position

Hevanitski is Advisor to the Chairman on Naval Affairs in the Free Worlds Alliance.

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Career History

Formerly she was the commander of Venerian forces in Quadrant 4. On 3202.140, she was relieved of command of RNV Quadrant four forces under on suspicion of corruption and complicity in organized piracy. She was replaced by Admiral Isaac Putin. She was arrested and transported to New Venus and was the subject of a long running investigation prior to facing a court-martial. An investigation was carried out in Quadrant 4 by Morgan Proctor, Special Audit Agent, Dept. of Administrative Affairs, which indicated that some of the evidence was circumstantial, and some may have been fabricated. President Heinlein claimed that “Hevanitski herself had however been a little naive, to say the least conducting unrecorded meetings with dubious characters, failing to keep proper auditable records, as well as a few petty cash and travel/subsistence claim 'errors'.” Admiral Hevanitski was found not guilty of conspiracy to commit piracy. She was, however, been found guilty of 'conduct unbecoming' of an officer and gentlewoman of the Venerian Navy and dishonorably discharged. Hevanitski was unhappy that the Government didn't support her more. She always insisted that her arrest was part of a plot by 'subversive forces' to remove her from Quadrant four. After being discharged, she served as the Director of Security for the shipping arm of Virgin Spaceways Corporation. She found it interesting at first, but rapidly became bored with the desk job. On 3209.150 Chairman William Jackson invited Hevanitski to become Advisor to the Chairman on Naval Affairs. His reason for doing so was to take advantage of her experience as a naval officer. She accepted. She currently holds the rank of Commodore in the FWA Navy, making her one of only a few individuals to have held flag rank in two different navies.

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