Skyss's World

I've not drawn the whole world or put lots of detail in, I think it's best to leave some room for what I might need in future stories. That said, there are a couple of maps

the original hand-drawn map of the world in which Skyss exists

A map of the northern hemisphere, click for the detail (this is a huge map)


World is a large place, I sketched out a broad shape and then went to work on where the tectonic plates were, so that I knew where the mountains and volcanoes were. After that I added in lower hills, and major rivers flowing from the high places to the sea. I placed some cities in likely places based on real human geography, and from there came some trade routes, mostly sea traffic but also some along rivers and between places. The step after that was to fill in a lot of the space with deserts, forests and plains based on where the winds would take the rain. After that there were a load of political boundaries drawn.

From the political boundaries I made some notes for each of the countries/states/major cities to help flesh out the map. I also went further with the places that would end up being used in my stories.

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