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Ankh is a world in Quadrant 1, a member world of the Free Worlds Alliance. As of 3211, it has a population of 1,160,000 people.


The five major colonies on Ankh are the Original Colony of Ankh, the Free Ankhian Colony, the Independent Colony of Ankh, the New Colony of Ankh, and Ankh Colony #5. Of these, the Original Colony is the oldest, most populous and most powerful. The five colonies have formed a Committee of Planetary Unity which usually speaks for the colonies. Due to the non-unitary natural of their politics, it can take a while for them to make a decision. The Head of State is Chair of the CPU Armand Dayer. The heads of the colonies are President Sarah Nixon (OCA and a Federalist), Consul Andrew Pendleton (ICA), Prime Minister Zachary Richardson (NCA and an anti-Federalist) and Governor Hans Spierhoofd (AC5.) The FAC has no head of colony, only a legislative branch. Ankhian politics is also notable for having a small but active Natural Rights party with several elected officials, especially in the FAC.


Ankh has a Below Average economy.


Ankh maintains a militia division.

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