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Composition of the Commission of Enquiry

The Commission of Enquiry was constituted in broad alignment with the principles of Stickney XII. It was chaired by Lord Bailey, the Earther Imperial Governor General in Q5 and had members from each of the major polities. It sat from 3199.252 until 3199.304.

The members of the Commission were:

Lord Bailey, Earther Speaker Maxis, GFA Councillor Crockett, MAFC Ambassador Oberon, Union of Xyon Ambassador Young, Wolfer Ambassador Chiang, Venerian Process of the Enquiry

The Commission heard evidence from each of the parties to the incident. The initial evidence was taken from the MAFC Governor and Military representatives to determine the exact nature of the allegations that they had made and what had drawn them into the actions that they had taken. Once this was heard evidence was heard from the key players in the GFA Colonial Govrenment and the GFA Navy in Q5. The Commission also took evidence from a number of individuals operating within the Over System that were linked to the facility that developed the SAID.

The Evidence

MAFC Evidence

Martian suspicions were aroused by the change in popularity of Governor Potato and in the success of his new policies and public appearances.

The MAFC Intelligence community employed normal human intelligence gathering techniques to try and find the source of this success. However all their sources in the Governor's office dried up suddenly and they found it impossible to replace these. This avenue closed they tried to collect evidence of irregularities in the Governor's past that could be used to gain political leverage. They also found this completely impossible, which is very unusual for anyone, especially those involved in GFA politics.

Other sources of information (or more precisely information black holes) pointed towards the development of a SAID. There were similarities with other SAID developments. The situation pointed to the fact that a SAID would become mobile in the near future. They had found a likely home for the SAID (the TWIT complex on Over) and the news that a BRAINIAC unit was to be fitted to a ship rang alarm bells.

The MAFC Navy and Marines launched an immediate strike at Over system co-ordinated with the seizure of the ship carrying Governor Potato at Doctor 2. They quickly captured the TWIT facility, although there was some resistance from ground forces. They had less luck with the Over Orbital Station which was guarded by a squadron of SAID controlled pacifiers. These attacked the MAFC Navy Ships and caused considerable casualties before the ships withdrew.

Shortly before the operation started the MAFC civil power informed Lord Bailey of their suspiscions and that they were planning to take action. However this warning was not received by Lord Bailey until after the operation had commenced.

On entry to the TWIT facility the MAFC forces found that their suspicions of the development of a SAID were confirmed. The machine was switched off using a demo-charge, although sufficient parts of it survived for subsequent analysis to prove beyond doubt that it was a SAID. When the machine was switched off the pacifiers were rendered inoperational, the local GFA Navy commander then removed the auto-pilot units before surrendering.

Analysis by MAFC technicians showed that the SAID was constructed from Sirius Cybernetics parts that had been modified by the staff of TWIT. The Director of TWIT was Johannes Schmidt who was known to the MAFC Intelligence and Law Enforcement communities. His assistant Wolfgang von Strucker was also wanted in connection with similar crimes as was Dr Yuriko Oyama. Extracts from their case files are shown below.

Johannes Schmidt

Schmidt appears to be something of a genius and has been central to the TWIT project. His past has some blanks in it where he appears to have been invovled in underhadn activities - he was definitely involved in cloning in Q4. He has considerable resources, and seems to be able to cover his tracks (which is easy in GFA space if you have the money). He was probably born in Venerian space, and may have been a Venerian citizen at some time. There are unconfirmed reports that he worked for the Venerian government but that has never been proved. He is reported to be spectacularly ugly - with shrunken features which he refuses to have cosmetically repaired. He was last seem shortly before a large explosion in the fighting, and was initially thought to have been killed. However, his body has not been recovered, despite extensive searching.

Dr Wolfgang von Strucker

Originally one of the senior scientists of the AIM corporation, von Strucker became a freelance. Like Schmidt he has military experience, apparently having once been a pacifier pilot for the Venerians in Q4 - this may be when he met Schmiidt about 25 years ago. He was dismissed from Venerian service under something of a cloud - allegations of involvement in the Organian Atrocity. An expert on economics and organisation (it is believed it was his advice that raised AIM to its current position at a major interstellar corporation). He was closely guarded by advanced combat robots - and used a doppleganger to evade capture.

Dr Yuriko Oyama

Oyama was born on Akira (Q8). She has been cyborged - though when and by whom is not clear - and nothing of the process can be seen in public (no visible cyborg parts). She was cleared of multiple murder ten years ago, on the grounds of self defence. She has been an important member of Schmidt's team for many years, and has a substantial background in cybernetics and human-cyborg interface technologies. She put up a considerable fight, killing 4 GF soldiers and wounding 6 more before she was subdued.

Prof George Tarleton

An expert in software and hardware. A long history of working on the most advanced technology about. Someone who could make an AI if he put his mind to it. No history of illegal or underhand activities and no gaps that might conceal the same.

The assault on the institute had been particularly bloody for the MAFC Ground Force Division. They had lost a considerable number to SAID augmented combat robots and also to the director of security who had cybernetic implants. The difficulty of the assault had meant that a number of the key personnel had managed to escape capture at the time, only two of the four directors were captured. A number of other personnel that could probably shed more light on the activities of the institute had been killed or seriously wounded and would not be available for questioning. In addition the defenders had had time to erase key information from their databases.

The MAFC captured substantial quantities of incriminating records - it seems Schimdt was hoping to blackmail Potato, who appears to have authorised the project and used the AI - called Cerebro - to further his political career.

The MAFC technicians also found a chip embedded into Governor Potato's neck. It is not clear exactly what the function of the chip was as the design is unorthodox. It is believed that the chip allowed neurological control of the Governor by the SAID. The Governor was not aware that the chip existed and its removal caused him severe memory loss.

The Governor was interrogated by the MAFC under the influence of truth drug. The video of the more lucid parts of this was shown to the enquiry.

During the time that the SAID was functioning it was fed data about the operations of the Exterminators and asked to predict future operations, locations of bases and to suggest strategies for their defeat. This data is currently held by the MAFC Navy and it is suggested by the Commission that they share this data.

Governor Potato's Evidence

Whilst under truth drug the Governor gave his own version of events. He was approached by Johannes Schmidt, whom he had never met before, and offered an advanced computer that would help him with his political career. He didn't ask anything about it being SAID as he assumed that it wouldn't be as this was illegal.

Potato was genuinely shocked on being told that a SAID had been developed and that he had apparently authorised this. He had no idea that anything illegal had been going on and had no knowledge of an implant before he was told by the MAFC medical people that it had been there.

The chip had been implanted in the back of Governor Potato's neck during routine cosmetic surgery. The usual surgeon that performed the surgery hadn't been available and a locum had been used instead, although there was no trace of who this was in the hospital records.

TWIT had been established by Govrenor Potato following a suggestion made to him at a cocktail party about getting together some of the finest brains in the quadrant to help defeat the Exterminator Menace. He had authorised the creation of a think tank on this basis and there had never been any mention of SAID. The record bore this out as the first reference to SAID was after the implant in his neck.

The funding of TWIT had been partly official and partly through some unorthodox routes co-ordinated by a rogue employee of Mr Fisk, one of the richer businessmen in Over. There is no evidence that the Government funding was used for the early stages of the SAID development, although there is little doubt that some of this was misappropriated by the Directors of TWIT and Fisk's employee in the later stages.

Admiral Bastrop's Evidence

Admiral Bastrop had no knowledge of anything to do with SAID until after the MAFC operation began. The only information that he could remember that related to the setup of TWIT was the secondment of 2 x LSSI to work for the Govrenor on a secret project. He despatched the LSSI but has no knowledge of what they were doing while they were absent from the fleet.

He also authorised the upgrade to the autopilot systems on the pacifiers at Over Station. He accepted that he had signed the order but did not recall doing so and had no idea that they had anything to do with a SAID. The pacifier autopilots were 'black-box' components and looked identical to normal pacifier autopilots.

Admiral Bastrop informed the Commission that his staff had been monitoring space traffic in the system since before the MAFC Operation began and that he could confirm that no ships had left the planet since Johannes Schmidt was last seen. it we therefore his professional opinion that Schmidt was still on the planet. A view shared by his MAFC counterpart.

Dr Yuriko Oyama's Evidence

Oyama was captured by the MAFC Ground Force after a hard fight during which she personally inflicted at least ten casualties on the MAFC Ground Force troops.

The project was Johannes Schmidt's idea. She had worked with him before and was happy to do so again as previous projects had proved profitable to her. He had gathered together a number of technically minded people for the project and then got the institute set up.

Her role was as the Director of Security and also to provide some of the hardware used in the building of the SAID and subsequently for the autopilot units and the improved combat robots.

The other notable activity that she undertook was to find a plastic surgeon for Schmidt and then to kill him once he was no longer of any use. These dates tie in with the surgery on Governor Potato.

Professor George Tarleton's Evidence

Prof Tarleton is very bitter and twisted about his 'genius' being ignored, and co-operated with Schmidt's plan out of misguided notions of revenge against humanity.

Deputy Governor Quivver's Evidence

The Deputy Governor denied all knowledge of SAID.

Mr Wilson Fisk's Evidence

This was presented by Messrs Sue, Grabbitt and Runne, attorneys at law and representatives for Mr Fisk who, they claim, is an honest dealer in rare spices, and well respected philanthropist. It appears from their testimony that Mr Fisk was the 'victim' of a fraud by one of his employees which left his company somewhat better off in the long term. It is understood by the Commission that Mr Fisk has subsequently handed over the funds in question. His 'rogue' employee has also been handed over to the local law enforcement agency for trial.


Having heard the evidence summarised above the committee have come to the conclusion that there was a SAID developed in Over system by Johannes Schmidt and others.

The MAFC was justified in its actions to contain the SAID although it could have provided more warning to the other polities before acting. It could also have made more attempts to resolve the situation without the use of force against humans.

Governor Potato should be seen as a victim of a heinous crime. He had a control device implanted in him without his consent and was subsequently controlled by the SAID for its own ends for a period of weeks ending only with the destruction of the SAID by MAFC forces. This has left him with permanent memory loss and unknown psychological trauma.

A number of individuals made a considerable amount of money as a result of the operation of the SAID, amongst whom were the four directors of TWIT, Mr Fisk and Governor Potato. Not all of these people were necessarily willing participants but further investigation will be necessary by the local criminal courts to determine liability. (Except in the case of Governor Potato where it is clear that he was not a witting participant and would not have been willing had he known about the SAID).

Johannes Schmidt, Wolfgang von Strucker, Dr Yuriko Oyama and Professor George Tarleton should have warrants issued for their arrest for crimes under the Stickney Treaty. If captured they should be tried for the development of SAID and if found guilty be subject to Mind-wipe. In addition Dr Oyama should be un-cyborged prior to the mind wipe.

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