this page is a game resource for Jim Wallman's Humanity Will Prevail play by e-mail game. None of the material on this domain is canon unless Jim says so.

Operation Boldly Go - Military


  • Long Range Survey Ship (SSXI) Mission Command [ESS ODYSSEY]
  • Naval Destroyer (DDI) Mission Defence [ESS INCREDIBLE]
  • Naval Destroyer (DDI) Mission Defence [XSS Gonen]
  • Science Scout (SCSI) Scout Specialist [VSS Re]
  • Troop Transport (TPRI) Specialist Support [MSS Outreach]
  • Logistics Ship (LSSI) Mission Support [VSS Ambanja]
  • Logistics Ship (LSSI) Mission Support [ESS Riet]
  • Logistics Ship (LSSI) Mission Support [ASS Transaxle]
  • Fighters - PAC Flight (2) – Mission Defence (4 crated in each LSSI)


  • Two national Marine Regiments attached; one each on ESS Odyssey and MSS Outreach.
  • Each other vessel will have a multinational UHTF Marine Group attached.
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