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Operation Boldly Go

The Mission Team

The Mission team was put together from the majority of the larger polities.

Esteeler Contribution

To the Deep Space Mission Planning Team, Sol

From the President's Office, The Hexagon, Asteel

I attach a consolidated version including our civilian candidates [ACTION REQUIRED BY YOU], which has been Presidentially approved. Please contact me if there are any issues. The President and I look forward to hearing of the outcome.

[Billy Bluestone, Presidential Office]


757th Esteeler Starship Marine Regiment.

Commanded by Lt Col Maddie Zola, late ESS ONE GIANT LEAP. The Regiment's overall strength is 50% below establishment. [55 personnel in post]

The 757th Regiment 'The All Esteeler Screaming Voles' is made up entirely of volunteers drawn from a number of regiments and all personnel have been subject to the usual psychological screening. All bar a handful of the personnel who volunteered and were accepted for places in Lt Col Zola's Regiment for this mission are female [50 of the total.]

Lt Col Zola, herself, is a heavily-decorated veteran of numerous missions and is an expert in a number of military fields, is a graduate of the Marine Staff College and a former instructor in Marine Intervention Tactics at the Naval Warfare School. She understands that it may be necessary to operate without combat robot support for sociological reasons while co-operating with other polities.

B. NAVAL CONTINGENT [3 personnel]

  1. Lt Cdr Timothy Bastrop - Space Combat Specialist, Honours Graduate of ESMC Staff College, Grade 1 Advanced Pacifier Pilot, Senior Instructor Combined and Joint Space Warfare School, Former ESS Quadrant Admiral, Passed Advanced Psychiatric Monitoring, Honours Graduate Advanced AI Threat Analysis Course, ESS Naval Academy.
  2. Lt Anastasia Maxwell - Honours Graduate of ESMC Staff College, Honours Graduate Advance Provision and Logistics School, Grade 3 Pacifier Pilot, Instructor on Advanced Service Accounts and Acquisition Course at ESS Naval Staff College, Former MA to ESS Quadrant Admiral.
  3. Lt Karter Burke - Grade A1 “Top Gun” Advanced Pacifier Instructor, Senior Instructor ESMC Unarmed and Improvised Combat Advanced Course, ESMC Warfare School. Honours Graduate Advance Ammunition and Improvised Explosives Engineering Course, ESS Naval School of Weapons Systems.



All are pretty much the BEST of the GFA, in their respective fields; and have been screened for mental stability and willingness to co-operate with a multipolity team.

  1. Dana Simmonds [F, 47] - planetologist1)
  2. Chiang Bowlden [M, 31] - cryptographer and detective
  3. Ravi Pinkus [M, 50] - linguist
  4. Petra Museveni [F, 29] - philosopher and medical doctor
  5. Alan Burnham [M, 38] - priest, Church of Latter-Day Mukuls
  6. Suki Yossarian [F, 24] - xenobiologist and politician
  7. Erik Hobsnob [M, 63] - historian
  8. Tanzi Rockett [F, 31] - archaeologist
  9. Anna Pulentokov [F, 46] - biochemist and geneticist
  10. Gabriella Fabrik-Soffnagh [F, 22] - ordinary housewife [winner of 'Meet Up With The Aliens' gameshow]
  11. Peggy Bedworthy [F, 19] - physicist and mathematician
  12. Norman Zitterby [M, 29] - musician and poet
  13. Cotterpin Henhouse-Brix [M, 40] - dataminer and cyberneticist
  14. Lo Isslane [F, 29] journalist ENG
  15. Bendt Fjender [M, 32] - adventurer and hyperspace communication expert

Union of Xyon Contribution

  1. Dr Halo Jones: Team Leader. Astrographer and explorer; Senior Lecturer Seven Worlds University, Agama.
  2. Dr Toy Malto: Head of Sociology, University of Aggadah; Captain of the UoX Women's Spaceball Team.
  3. Dr Rodice Ulson: Fuzzy Logic Specialist, The Robot Institute, Agama.
  4. Dr Cindy Chang: Professor of Psychiatry, University of New Jerusalem.
  5. Rabbi Lisa Diadyk: Professor of Archaeology, University of New Jerusalem; Chairman of UoX Forerunner Investigation Committee.
  6. Dr Wendy Saito: Head of Doktoro Design Team, The Robot Institute, Agama.
  7. Dr Martha Gomez: Professor of Higher Mathematics, Masada Institute of Technology.
  8. Ms Loraina Lopez: Chief Pathologist, Sacred Heart Research Hospital, Agama.
  9. Rabbi Rachel Kalin: First Contact Specialist, Theoretical Institute, Agama.
  10. Dr Regina (Gigi) Qui: Head of Comparative Anthropology, The Society of Ancients, Haggai.

SSR Contribution

'planetology' is a science which unifies key elements of astronomy, geography, meteorology, geology, oceanography and basic biology to allow a fundamental appreciation of planets.
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