T72 SSR Navy Commits Piracy on IEN Escorted Vessels

dateline 3208.161

I would like to offer my praise and thanks to the members of the IEN currently protecting the people and government of the newly independent system of Amoss from the bullying tactics of the reactionary, regressive so-called Sirian 'Socialist' Republic.

Sirian Navy Commits Piracy

The ever duplicitous Sirians breached the agreement to remove military forces from within the M25 of Amoss and have engaged in acts of piracy, kidnap and murder. It was to put a stop to this - in the face of inaction by the supposed peace keepers (the GFAN never turned up and the RNVN colluded) - that the IEN re-entered the system at the request of the poplar government.

While escorting commercial vessels through the system the IEN have been subject to provocative and aggressive acts from the piratical Sirians. The restraint of the IEN in these circumstances is highly commendable.

The behaviour of the Sirians is reprehensible and they must stop their regressive action immediately. I call on the GFAN to send appropriate peacekeeping forces to Amoss; to the RNV to act properly in a peacekeeping role and prevent Sirian piracy and inappropriate imperialism; to the SSR, take a long hard look at your actions and then do what is right for everyone rather than standing on your dignity. In the meantime the IEN will continue to escort any non-military vessel requesting it from the M25 into Amoss. Attempts to interfere will be interpreted as piracy.

The IEN approach to piracy is to engage with all weapons. Survivors will be arrested and tried in a court of law. The maximum penalty is mind-wipe and this is almost always applied to the Captain and officers of any vessel convicted of piracy.


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