T89 - Retirment of Admiral Hamill

Admiral of the Black Sir Richard Hamill, serving as IEN liaison at Q0 JAC HQ, retired on 3210.200 having completed 50 years service in the IEN.

Retirement Presentation

Admiral Hamill returned to Earth for his last day of service and was greeted by the First Minister, who was a Squadron Commander at the Naval Academy when Admiral Hamill was training in 3160. After a short ceremony where Sir Richard formally exchanged his flag for a retired Admiral's pennant he was presented with a model of the Battleship Guevera which was his last command before becoming a Rear Admiral.

Sir Richard is looking forward to spending some time writing a military history of the exterminator war based on his own experience of being First Deputy to the First Space Lord. He will also be a guest lecturer at the Naval Academies and the High Command and Staff College.


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