Zhang Scandal Shocks Senate

~~DISCUSSION~~ As one of the first speakers in an emergency Senate debate on 3208.002 Senator Danso Tupac Ashanti said: “The allegations against Senator Lee Zhang are of the most serious nature and if proved are totally unacceptable. If we cannot trust those in the highest positions of power then we are doomed to repeat the mistakes that the republic has made in the past.

Unity not Strife

Now is a time for strong leadership rather than inter-necine strife. Earth is the home of humanity and we are the leaders of humanity. We need to rally around and choose one of our number that will provide strong purpose and direction for us all. There are numerous threats out their to the very existence of Earth and it is up to us to ensure that they are all effectively and promptly dealt with.

Lee Zhang's record in office is not all bad, although it remains to be seen whether history shall remember him as a traitor of the worst sort, or as a reformer of the economy who brought economic prosperity. We need to maintain economic prosperity while ensuring our own security and safety from all those who would do us harm.”

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