"Fill Me, Hilmi"

Rumour has it that there is nothing between Senator Hilmi Ozkok and a certain person in his private office that should not be named.


A 30 year old woman in Senator Hilmi Ozkok's private office is reported to be pregnant. The father of her baby is not yet clear but it is rumoured that she has been working some very long hours and she accompanied the Senator on a number of 'fact finding' missions when his wife was unable to attend.

The Senator is alleged to have paid for the genetic screening to ensure that the baby is classed as 'Perfect' (even though both he and all his staff are it always pays to be certain).

On being asked about this a spokesman for the Senator said that it was scurrilous rumour mongering and that medical benefits were included in the package for those working on the Senate staff. We were told that if we published the names we'd be sued.


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