Blue Hope Colony, T178, Q8


The main ruling body at Blue Hope is the elected Board of Governance,

  • Chair Quincy Pacheo,
  • Members : Meloldy Whitney, Erica Arellano, Valeria Bean, Brian Bradshaw, Damien Kenny.

Day to day operational matters are conducted by the Executive Director Wayne Metz, who is guided by the Board of Governance on majpr areas of policy and strategy. The ED is unelected and has a great deal of personal authority.

Local administration is fairly loosely organised into:

Colony Development

support for new builds, zoning, mining survey and anything connected to colony growth. Small team of administrators and technical experts funded by local taxes.

Director Julia Hennesy


garbage, recylcing, water and sewage, power.

Director Georgina Mock

Security - Policing and defence

Director Bruce Clark

Has a number of subordinate officers:

  • Head of Colonial Office of Police Dee Bowling
  • Head of Criminal Investiation: Gurdeep Fredrick
  • Head of Security Training: Jotta Pense
  • Head of Colonial Defence & Militia: Benjamin Vann

Trade and marketing

dealing with traders and managing exports.

Director German Denkov


  • Head of RM Sales: Walker Whitten
  • Head of Trade Relations: Taylor Hutchinsen
  • Shuttle Port Manager: Jamaal Ventura

Migration and Population

induction and support for new migrants, Education and health.

Director Gene Norwood


  • Head of population screening: Berta Walsh
  • Head of Education: Janus Hinson
  • Chief Medical officer: Kasey Light


T178 Planet Scan

Current Affairs

See T24 Timeline for details.

The colony has been suffering from a series of pirate raids, the last of these being 3208.122.

Direction of attack in the most recent raid was out from the east, over the sea, coming in low. The approach varies between raids, though very infrequently from the north, mostly from West, South and East.

Blue Hope is not the first colony in this system, there has been at least one other previous colony which failed. The ruins can be seen in the middle fo the Eastern Continent.

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