Lady Aelfreda Pasco

Known as 'Freddie' Pasco, she is an Earther business woman, with a naval background, who has become a politician. A recent entrant to the Earth Senate in the 3211 elections, replacing Hilmi Ozkok and affiliated to the Imperial Party. Played by James Kemp.

Current Position

Since 3211 (T100) she has been the Earth Imperium Minister of Defence, succeeding Senator Danso Ashanti in that role.

Biographical Details

A member of the Pasco dynasty (mixture of politicians and admirals).


not recorded

Career History

Commissioned into the navy in 3162 (in the same class as Lord Stephen Bailey), served for 25 years reaching Rear Admiral before switching to the defence industry. Naval career was as an engineer and staff jobs mainly involved defence procurement. Worked as a senior executive for General Astrospace Fabrications, Priest Engineering, PrimaTech and Lexcorp.

She has been a shadow Senator for the last 10 years and recently took over Hilmi Ozkok's seat being elected to the Senate in the 3211 elections.

Other Information

not recorded


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