Sir George Tryon

Earther Admiral, currently Second Space Lord. NPC but previously played by James Kemp.

Current Position

Since 3208 (T73) he has been Second Space Lord for the IEN.

Biographical Details

If known mention date and place of birth and relationships.


not known

Career History

CINC 1st Allied Fleet in 3196 sent to reinforce Q7 at the start of the Exterminator War.

Became Q7 CINC when Admiral Burwasher became head of the Combined Human Fleets in Q7. Fought against the exterminators as commander of a combined fleet and was in overall command at the last battle of the Exterminator War at Tuskan in Q7 where 16 ESBs were destroyed by the human fleets.

Returned to Q0 as Director of Imperial Naval Intelligence in 3201 [check date] and held that post until his promotion to Second Space Lord.

Other Information

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