Percentage, Q8

Percentage is the Colonial Capital of the Centauri Conglomerate in Quadrant 8. In the 3211 census it had a population of around 135 million, some 50 million more than in the 3201 census.


The system was originally settled by a group of Yendorian Clewgists from Earth in 3022. Initially they did well and established a reasonably secure colony within five years, remarkably rapidly. Their success encouraged others to also establish colonies on the planet.

A period of happy co-existence was followed by some wars of unification, not too bloody for the Clewgists because they were the only colony on their continent. The Yendorian colony was the last to lose its independence and voluntarily incorporated itself into the Percentage conglomerate in 3048, becoming the first unified Centauri system in the Quadrant.

The Centauri Quadrant Capital was established on Percentage in 3056 for two reasons, one being that it was closer to Quadrant 0 and the other that it was more economically effective than the other Centauri colonies in the Quadrant.

Riggindale City

The city of Riggindale is the oldest settlement on Percentage, having been settled by the original group of Yendorian Clewgists in the hope that they could find a quiet place for contemplation. The Clewgists took a robust line on others joining them on the red continent - so called because of a rich vein of red mercury discovered on the surface by the original colonists as well as a portion of red sand desert. They insisted that new colonists either subordinated themselves to the Clewgists or that they land on one of the other continents.

Since being founded the the population has grown significantly and the city has a diverse population. Overall about 1 million people live within 25km of the city centre, making Riggindale the fourth largest city on the planet. It has recently been experiencing something of a boom in new citizens as part of Percentage's overall growth (50m more colonists in 10 years). This has given it a strong construction industry and a number of people have made a lot of money as a result.

Of particular note is the square kilometre of chestnut trees surrounding the main Clewgist temple on the planet, known to all simply as “The Lodge”. The sacred grove lies within the boundaries of Richmond Park next to the River Wandle. Allegedly all the names of the districts within the city have a particular significance to the adepts of Clewg.

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