Z155 is an independent world in Quadrant 8 currently at war with the Free Worlds Alliance. There were about 1,220,000 people in the system in 3211. Z155 has a Poor economy. It was founded in 3206.


Z155 is largely controlled by members of the First Church of Earth. The First Earthers form the majority of the colony and control the government, military, judiciary and police. Violence between the First Earthers and minority Satanists has marred the colony’s history since at least 3207. Z155’s population is 60% FCE, 5% other Christians, 25% Satanists, 5% Church of Elvis and 5% other religious groups.


In theory, Z155 is a Republic. The capitol is Friendly City. Z155’s Chief Executive is First Minister Reverend Ian Floralpattern, a member of the Christian Socialist Party. The Legislature is a colonial council, controlled by the CSP. The CSP is made exclusively of First Church of Earth adherents.
The multi-religious Free Thought Party is the main opposition party. Its leader is David Spart, and it is largely made up of Satanists. The FTP briefly gained control of the Colonial Council in 3207 through a no confidence vote, but the CSP regained control through the arrest of several FTP councilors. The Democratic Rights Party is another opposition party. It is led by Ruby Royale, and includes many members of the Church of Elvis. Currently the Council is 39 FTP councilors, 13 FTP councilors, 3 DRP councilors and 5 independents.
The First Minister currently holds emergency powers, following the declaration of a state of emergency in late 3211. Most opposition politicians are in hiding and the FTP has been barred from Council meetings, making Z155 a semi-theocratic dictatorship.


Z155 has a paramilitary force called the Crusader Corps, dedicated to “Protecting God-Fearing People from Evil”. It numbers roughly eight thousand to twelve thousand soldiers, divided into ten “Legions”. The Corps is not very well trained and only has limited equipment. It had a few locally made armored cars but no serious AFVs. It has received some additional training from Gritrow Solutions, a PMC. The Corps is mostly deployed in and around Friendly City. The Crusader Corps is commanded by General Angeline Floralpattern (The FM’s daughter) and answers to Minister of Security and Protection Anna Forkin and the First Minister. General Floralpattern has no military training or experience.
The Crusader Corps are all members of the First Church of Earth and have been implicated in the burning of Satanist homes. The police have not acted to protect the Satanists, since they are 97.2% FCE themselves. The Corps has also been used to round up “subversives and criminals,” mostly minority religious groups.
The Crusader Corps is supplemented by a small planetary militia of perhaps 2,000 mostly part time soldiers. They are lightly equipped. Like the Corps, they are headquartered in Friendly City. The Security Militia is commanded by Major Jolene Padgett
Z155’s navy, the Sword of God, has a mercenary-crewed Armed Class 5000, Warrior of God. Warrior of God is the government’s pride and joy, as a navy is unusual for a colony of Z155’s size. It is captained by the determined but inexperienced Jamie Floralpattern.
It remains unclear how the Crusader Corps and Sword of God will fare in combat with the Free Worlds Alliance. The Corps has lost at least one armored vehicle and several soldiers thus far in the war.

Foreign Relations

On T98, Z155 held a referendum on polity membership. 52% voted to join the FWA, 10% voted to join some other polity and 37% voted no. This result surprised the CSP, who expected an easy victory for their “No surrender of sovereignty” campaign to cement their control of the colony. The First Minister declared the Referendum invalid and declared a state of emergency. A number of public protests by the “Vote Yes Alliance,” a coalition largely led by the FTP, were dispersed violently by riot police and Crusader Corps troops. The government then cracked down on minority religious groups, arresting many. The Free Worlds Alliance did not take kindly to this, and issued a strongly worded protest and a travel warning suggesting FWA citizens leave the Z155 system.

War with the Free Worlds Alliance

In T100, the Free Worlds Alliance declared war on Z155, according to Chairman Jackson to restore “order, democracy and peace.” Floralpattern vowed not to surrender and to fight the FWA. In response to the war, Z155’s government took a number of foreign nationals into “protective custody” in response. This included nationals of Pratt, Lamster, Killikrankie, the Union of Xyon and Centauri Conglomerate. Other FWA nationals were arrested as “agent provocateurs.” They are being held near major military installations. The Crusader Corps has done some digging in, but not very effectively.

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