T78 - Earth Increases Contribution to Long Range Detection Group

Earth increased its contribution to the Long Range Detection Group by a further two interstellar logistics support ships to make good the shortfall caused by the failure of the RNV Navy to provide its agreed contribution.

About the LRDG

Coordinated by Solar Republic and Empire

Mission Statement: To provide further details of the putative HEB worlds, including assessments of economic and military capabilities for long range planning purposes.

Force Composition and Current Orders compiled from current known commitments.

Initial Scouting of viable systems for LRDG Forward Operating Base (FOB)

SSXI Strangeness (RNV) En Route eta 3210.100 [Later to reallocate to survey potential S&B worlds]

Initial Scientific Colony Establishment (5SV long term costs) (SRE)

CSSI Brue (SRE) En Route eta 3210.400
CSSI Clare (SRE) En Route eta 3210.400
SCICOL (SRE) En Route eta 3210.400

Full establishment 3211.400

Recce Assets (10 Logs available)

SC(S)I Bishojo (RNV) En Route eta 3210.400
SSXI Uranus (SRE) En Route eta 3210.400
SSXI Orcus (SRE) En Route eta 3210.400
SCI Gefjon (MSN) tbd
SCI … (SSR) tbd
SCI … (SSR) tba 3206

LRDG Supply Train (10 LSSI Required)

LSSI Ejura (RNV) En Route eta 3210.400
LSSI Xingu (SRE) tbd
LSSI Yamana (SRE) tbd
LSSI Yakutia (MSN) tbd
LSSI Telios (MSN) tbd
LSSI Helm (MSN) tbd
LSSI … (RNV) tbd
LSSI … (RNV) tbd
LSSI … (GFA) tbd
LSSI … (UXN) tbd

Other Offered Forces

GFA 6 x ALSI (Empty)
GFA 12 x C1-S,

These forces would not seem suitable for the current requirement.

The MDF CSSI are better allocated to the S&B effort underway, and it is suggested that this offer be passed to PM Young for consultation.

The GFA Scout Squadron is too costly in Logs support for too little scouting capability.

The ALSIs again provide little capability for too great a cost.

Operational Orders

The initial operating forces will be available in the area at the end of 3210, but only the two long range (self supporting) SSXI will be able to commence recce operations until the base is up and running at the end of 3211.

The FOB is located 0.5HY (200 days transit) from HEB Central

Phase One

3211.001 Two SSXI will initially conduct maximum stealth M25 surveillance of the two Key HEB Systems monitoring any broadcasts and in-system burns. Initial surveillance will be for 100 days. These will be reported back to the FOB. Phase one reporting should therefore be back with the FOB at 3212.001.

Phase Two

3212.001 Two SCI will be detached to replace the SSXI ay the KHEB Systems (eta 3212.200) These two SCI will remain on station for a further 200 days unreplaced on a rolling schedule by further vessels as they become available.

3212.001 Two further SCI will start conducting crawling recce inwards from the FOB spending 200 days on the M25 of each system to build up a data picture.

Phase Three

3212.200 The two SSXI will be utilised for ad hoc recce and surveillance.

Phase Four

Beyond this initial start up tasking the local on scene commander will conduct the operation as he deems most productive (and always ensuring the security of the colony).


  • Priority One FOB Security
  • Priority Two Data on HEBs
  • Broadcast Signals
  • Traffic Analysis – based on burns
  • Economic Estimates
  • System Astrographical Structure
  • Other - Tbd
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