Belgica Treasury Accounts

Prepared by Glitius Decianus

Valerius Asiaticus, the Governor of Belgica, has insisted that I keep a proper set of accounts for out Treasury that it may be audited by the Letters to the Roman Senate or Imperial Officials if required. I do not see why this need be done and I think that he did not trust me enough to make sure that there are funds sufficient to pay his legions. History has shown that I paid the German Legions for a year after Rome had stopped sending us money. It was not my fault that they then marched on Rome and sacked it.

Period Description Entry
SEPT. LXVIII balance: 0
Income 70
Pay, 2 x Legions -60
Roads -7
Postage -1
Admin Costs -1
Balance 1
Credit Governor Belgica -25
to pay for Mil.Gov.Ger.Sup. -10
the legions Mil.Gov.Ger.Inf. -10
Interest -21
Gov.Brit. -15
Legions -150
Balance -230
NOVEM. LXVIII From Rome 280
Postage -3
Balance 7
Roads -7
Admin -5
balance 66
Legions (I, IV, V, XV, XVI, XXI & XXII) -245
Balance -179
from the Senate 47
Religious Ceremony -5
balance -137
MAR. LXIX Income 70
Admin costs -3
Roads -7
From Rome 300
Balance 233
redeeming credit note -140
redeeming credit note -75
redeeming credit note -30
redeeming credit note -50
Legions -290
Balance -377
JUN. LXIX From Rome (Senate) 235
Income 40
Admin & Roads -10
redeem credit note -35
Legions Loyalty Bonus -200
Balance -347
Temple to Minerva -25
Legions -272
Fleet -10
Balance -654
SEPT. LXIX Surplus Income (Gallia & Belgica) 170
Legions (I (Germania), I (Italia), IV, V, XIV, XV, XVI, XXI, XXII, -325
Court case admin -40
Subsidy to Britannia -50
Upgrade Legions on the Rhine -50
Balance -949
Upgrade new Legion -30
Subsidy to Gov.Brit. -25
Balance -1004

For those of you wondering how the treasury managed to run with a deficit practically all the time then read the letters to the Letters to the Roman Senate asking for more cash. I also wrote letters of credit on the Imperial and Republic Treasury as appropriate for the time. I somehow doubt that these will be honoured gived subsequent events…

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