Glitius Decianus Fate

After having spent a deal of time scraping together money to pay for the legions of Germany & Gaul the self-titled 'Procurator of the West' went to Rome when the Western Governors stopped him from receiving the tax incomes. Arriving at Rome just as the German Legions stormed the city Glitius Decianus stayed outside the city & waited until the looting had finished before entering the city with the commanders of the Legions and Valerius Asiaticus, the Governor of Belgica.

At this point the German Army Council was arrested, including Decianus, and told to provide some scapegoats. At the same time the newly proclaimed Emperor Vespasian announced that there would be no punishments for the troops. Decianus was made the scapegoat as he had paid the troops and not being of Senatorial rank lacked the necessary influence to save himself.

And so ended the game

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